Don’t Just Replace Your Windows Display Adapter + Miracast™ Technology, Get More with Vivi 

10 October 2023 | By viviedu

With signs pointing to the discontinuation of Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (WDA) using Miracast™ technology, many school tech leaders are undoubtedly looking for an alternative solution to meet their wireless screen casting needs. While it is frustrating to learn that a product has been discontinued, it can also be an opportunity to find a replacement that delivers even more value.  

If you are currently exploring alternatives to your Windows Display Adapters with Miracast Ttechnology, look no further than Vivi. Our device-agnostic solution is designed specifically for education, offering a range of features that address the unique needs of teachers, students, administrators, and the technology professionals charged with supporting them. 

Device Agnostic? Absolutely.  

When searching for a Windows Display Adapter alternative it is important to look for a solution that will not disrupt the current learning environment. Vivi stands out because it is device agnostic, enabling wireless screen sharing from any device to any connected screen. Teachers and presenters who have grown accustomed to sharing from Windows or Android devices can continue to share from those devices or any other device. Likewise, students can continue to collaborate seamlessly, even when they are using their own device (BYOD), fostering an inclusive and interactive learning environment.  

Solving IT Headaches 

For IT leaders, Vivi offers a centrally managed, cloud-based solution that simplifies the management of connected devices. Scheduled firmware updates ensure that your technology is always up to date, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Network diagnostic tools ease the troubleshooting process for both wired and wireless connections, reducing the time spent on resolving technical issues. Wi-Fi easy installation facilitates point-of-location installations, with permissions for any installer, streamlining the deployment process. 

More than Just Screen Casting, One Price 

Vivi prides itself on being an all-in-one solution that enables schools and universities to connect, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly. When you deploy Vivi’s wireless screen sharing solution, you also get dynamic digital displays for classrooms that provide strategic messaging to students where they spend most of their time, all for one price. Whether you are looking to communicate upcoming events, highlight student achievements, or promote campus wide announcements, you can easily do it with Vivi. 

Add Visuals to Your Emergency Communications 

In times of emergency, communication is crucial. Vivi provides visual emergency alerts to all connected displays, facilitating campus-wide dissemination of critical information. This feature enhances emergency protocols and contributes to a safer campus environment. 

All screen casting solutions are not equal. With Vivi, you get the benefit of a solution built for education. Our commitment shows in how we actively solicit and gather customer feedback that we apply to our ongoing product development efforts.  

Vivi goes beyond simple screen sharing, offering a suite of features specifically designed for the education sector. Teachers benefit from advanced permissions, preview options, and control functionalities, allowing for a more tailored and secure teaching experience. Integrated instructional tools such as screenshots, annotations, and backgrounds enhance the delivery of lessons, making content more engaging and interactive. Polls and assessments integrated into Vivi enable real-time feedback, empowering educators to gauge student understanding and measure learning outcomes effectively. With support for up to four students sharing simultaneously from anywhere in the room, collaboration becomes a breeze. 

With its device-agnostic approach, tailored features for education, and streamlined IT management capabilities, Vivi equips classrooms with the technology students and teachers deserve while expanding the value for schools with included digital signage and emergency alerts functionality.  

Not sure if Vivi is right for you? Request a demo and compare Vivi side-by-side with your Windows Display Adapters and Miracast technology.