Why Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Users Are Switching to Vivi

With Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (WDA) using Miracast Technology no longer widely available, many education tech leaders are looking for an alternative wireless screen sharing solution for their classrooms.  

A chart comparing key features of Vivi and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

3 Reasons to Consider Vivi

Device Agnostic: Vivi works with any device, which means your classrooms keep humming regardless of your technology mix and BYOD policies.  

IT-Friendly: Bulk configuration, diagnostic tools, and central management mean less time spent troubleshooting and more time on strategic projects.

More Value, One Price: Vivi goes beyond simple screen sharing with instructional features, digital signage and emergency alert notifications included at no additional cost.  

Vivi is the all-in-one solution built for education that enables schools to connect, communicate, and collaborate more easily.  

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"Vivi was way ahead in their features, and I think that's because Vivi was designed with education in mind from the ground up."

Dr. Vince Hume
Director of Innovative Technology Solutions
Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit