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The Simplest Way to a Connected Classroom

Vivi’s classroom technology integrates its core functionality of screen mirroring and video streaming with a raft of additional educational features, all controlled from a single, easy-to-use app, and managed at the institutional level via a web-based Admin Portal.


Designed Exclusively for Education


Wireless screen mirroring


Seamless video performance


Digital Signage


Touch Interactivity


Usage dashboard


School-wide management


Enterprise provisioning


Emergency Broadcasting

Not all solutions are created equal.
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Learn the 7 key questions you must ask (and answer!) when researching a wireless presentation solution for your school.

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How Vivi transforms your school


Teachers are able to freely move around their classroom, keeping students engaged by paying attention to their specific needs whilst still remaining in control of the screen. 


Students become active participants rather than passengers, able to share their screen (with teacher permission), creating the opportunity for immediate feedback and boosting confidence.

IT/AV Managers

IT Managers can easily set-up and install, monitored and centrally managed through Vivi's Admin portal. Vivi is a BYOD platform, allowing any device or operating system to connect to the display directly through the school network.

Interested to see how Vivi can offer a solution to your schools' screen mirroring needs?


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What our customers are saying

“Plus 1 for Vivi. We have just put Vivis in all 100 classrooms and presentation spaces and have been super happy. Teachers love them to the point that we’ve taken back all HDMI cables and dongles (hooray) and haven’t needed to re-issue one yet.”


Director of ICT
Oakhill College

“I love Vivi for the way it has transformed the pedagogy in our classrooms.”


Assistant Principal Administration and IT
Brigidine College, Indooroopilly

“We’re so happy with our initial purchase, we’ve decided to continue rolling out Vivi across the school over the next two years as the regular feature updates mean great ROI.”


ICT Infrastructure Manager
All Saints' College

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