There’s simply no comparison

Vivi is the only wireless presentation solution that always works. On every device. Every operating platform. Every time.

Say goodbye to cables and adaptors, and say hello to this revolutionary technology that no classroom, boardroom or meeting room should be without.

What is Vivi?

In plain english
Vivi is a wireless presentation tool that allows you to mirror any screen from any device in the room – effortlessly.
Simply download the Vivi app onto your device – whether it’s Apple, Windows or Android – to join in instantly.
The moment you walk into a Vivi room, you can connect and participate. One touch is all it takes.
In nerd words
Vivi is a custom-built, cross platform solution that overcomes the frustration of clunky, unreliable screen sharing tools in schools, universities and workplaces.
Built on Linux, Vivi provides a low latency, high quality and low bandwidth streaming experience. It includes Active Directory/SAML integration and a cloud administration portal that makes bulk updates simple.
Vivi also works without multicast discovery and runs on your existing wireless network.
Full screen wireless mirroring
Unlike others, Vivi is a true full-screen wireless mirroring solution. Vivi allows you to display whatever content you want, from anywhere you want - and from whatever device you want.
Engaging the whole room
You can present your material wirelessly, or handball presentation to others at a moment’s notice. Everyone can also capture, annotate and save the main presentation to their own devices at any time.

Nothing else like Vivi exists.