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One tool to create an engaged, collaborative classroom for students on any device, anywhere

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In 33,000 classrooms around the world

Make learning a two-way street 

Designed by educators for educators, Vivi lets you create highly engaged learning environments with wireless screen mirroring, video, and feedback tools. 

With Vivi, every student has a whiteboard in their hand. Sharing lesson notes and annotations has never been easier.  This is collaborative learning made simple.

Classroom Collaboration


Vivi Digital signage


Communication, simplified.

Keep students and staff informed with tailored messaging to your entire school or campus from a single source. 

With digital signage, live broadcast and emergency notifications, students and staff receive clear messaging across the school.


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Keep students engaged and connected, even remotely

Never let the distance get between you and your students again.

Support students with virtual wellbeing checks and create dynamic and structured lesson plans. 



Student Feedback tool


real-time metrics


Make informed decisions with better data

Use real-time analytics to make data led decisions and drive better student outcomes in the classroom. 

Evaluate and share reports with stakeholders from a centralized source of information.

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Vivi delivers engaged learning at scale  



As a device-agnostic, 1:1 or BYOD solution, Vivi runs seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop and on any operating system. It is also works with any projector or screen and is compatible across all learning management systems. 



Rely on constant support from the Vivi team, helping you navigate the simple setup all the way through to teacher engagement and training.


Empowered Students

Students seamlessly share their work via screen sharing, with teacher permission, facilitating improved learning outcomes, collaboration and critical thinking. 


Campus-wide management

Centrally manage everything via Vivi CentralThis control center provides you campus-wide management of account settings, room names, box and user settings, regular firmware and feature updates, and much more. 


Direct Video Play

Stream videos directly through Vivi for high def content that won’t affect the speed of your Wi-Fi network.


ROI & Dashboard Analytics

Teachers save lots of time with Vivi, delivering a real return on investment. Collect, analyze, and report on everything tracked in Vivi with intuitive analytics dashboards. 

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Don't take our word for it.  Here's what our customers are saying.

We have nearly 50 Vivi units in our new building and across the school. No cables and ease of use makes it a no brainer in my mind. The latest update to the Admin Portal, as well as direct video playback from Clickview, confirms it’s heading in the right direction. We have LDAP connection and very little admin of Vivi compared to the Apple TVs we have.

Carey Baptist Grammar
After investigating several options. It’s kind of the holy grail of screen mirroring. It’s an application that handles video streaming well and works all the time, on any device that I try it on—iPhones, tablets, Androids, iPads, Windows devices. It works on everything. And it just works. The students can use whatever devices they’ve been working on.
Liberty Hill Independent School District

What I love about Vivi is, as a teacher, I can walk around in any space within the classroom, with whatever device I have, be at the back of the room engaging with the students, and engaging with the content that’s on the screen. It’s also easy to say to a student … throw it up onto Vivi, and I can hand them over control and they can present easily.

The King David School

When you’re a teacher using Vivi and the students have been given permission to use the screen and get control, you still have control … of what they are showing, and if they get off topic you can easily switch back to your screen. I would definitely recommend Vivi. I found that the staff and the students were able to pick it up very quickly.

Kew High School

I just finished a hybrid staff meeting this morning using Vivi and Zoom for screen sharing in person and online (we do use Teams as well but wanted all participants showing at once). We projected the Zoom participants via Vivi connected to projectors in the room, PowerPoint content on another LCD screen for in room and Zoom participants. Sound coming through Vivi into our room worked well and meant all in person staff could hear the online participants. All worked like clockwork!

St. Peter's Lutheran College

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