Get more from your classroom and school displays

Much more than wireless screen mirroring, Vivi encourages classroom engagement, builds school community and supports school safety efforts.


What We Do

Vivi leverages a school's network of displays, in classrooms and across campus, to keep students, teachers and staff engaged and informed.

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Create a dynamic learning environment by enabling teacher and student screen sharing from anywhere in the classroom.

Digital Signage

Communicate across school grounds with always-on signage that keeps students and staff informed.

Emergency Alerts

Send visual alerts to any connected display when time, reach and clarity are of the essence.


Concise text messages and impactful video reach their intended audience without disrupting the flow of instruction.

You're in great company

Trusted by over 2,000 schools, 100,000 classrooms, and 625,000 teachers and students.


Classroom Engagement

Give your teachers the freedom to teach from anywhere in the classroom and keep students actively involved, while maintaining control of the classroom display.


School Communications

From dynamic digital signage to video and text announcements, Vivi equips your team to connect and engage with your community.


School Safety

Strengthen your school's emergency protocols with visual alerts delivered directly to connected displays.

Connected to tools you already use

Play PowerPoints, Google Slides, videos and other resources with just a click.

Manage everything from one spot

Deploy, maintain and update your connected displays from a single central location.

Powerful digital signage

Share school calendars, showcase upcoming events, highlight student work, and more to keep your community informed and involved.


It just works.
It has everything we need and more.

Bob Fishtrom
Director of Information Technology Services
Mountain View Los Altos High School District (California)

As our districts grows, we are opening new buildings with Vivis and TVs instead of IFPs in all but the youngest classrooms. It's more cost-effective.

Julia Patchen
Building Level Technology Facilitator, District Elementary Music Chair
Elkhorn Public Schools (Nebraska)

You don't need the most high-end technology to have the flexibility and interactivity you want. We have learned that you can add four TVs with Vivi in a classroom for less than the price of one interactive flat panel device.

Dr. Derek Fialkewicz
Corbett School District (Oregon)

If you have a large mix of devices and you need to get everything talking to one system, there's no other product out there that does what Vivi does.

Kyle Bush
Education Technology Specialist
Community High School District 117 (Illinois)

Our Latest Updates:

Text Announcements

Remind students of upcoming events at your school, share schedule changes, or simply call a student to the front office with an on-screen text announcement shared to any connected display.

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Whiteboard Backgrounds

Enhance your teaching with a wide selection of backgrounds, including lined and graph paper, grids, and graphic organizers or upload your own images and templates for a custom experience.

Auto-updates for Windows

From version 3.7 onward, Vivi apps on Windows allow for automatic updates to ensure all users have the current app version, even if their devices aren’t centrally managed.

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