Vivi + Interactive Flat Panels Increases Flexibility and Reliability

6 June 2023 | By viviedu

Bryan County Schools
Organization Type
: Public school district serving grades K-12 
Size: 11 schools, 9,500+ students 
Location: Georgia 
Tech Stack: Vivi + Newline Interactive Flat Panels 

The Challenge
The Bryan County Schools Technology Department wanted to provide teachers with the ability to set up their classrooms according to their individual needs and not be constrained to teach from the front of the classroom. They also faced inconsistent performance from their interactive flat panels (IFPs) across the school district.  

The Solution
The Technology Team, led by Director of Technology Bob Betz, paired Vivi with their existing IFPs to give teachers flexibility to teach from anywhere in their classrooms, deliver interactive lessons, and meet student needs while providing a consistent, reliable experience in all school buildings and classrooms. Vivi is now an essential tool used throughout Bryan County – in classrooms, the media center, and even the cafeteria. 

Watch the video to hear Bryan County’s story: