Get every screen working toward one communications strategy.

In classrooms, hallways, common areas and more—deliver relevant and engaging visual communications that reach students and staff where they are on campus.


Get more from your screens

We know you don’t bank on students reading email. Support your overall communication plan with dynamic digital messaging throughout your buildings.

Reach your entire campus

Unify your classroom display technology with your common area screens for more impactful signage.

Easy set-up and management

Centrally manage signage displays while allowing non-technical users to maintain the content.

Templates designed for you

Manage your content in the cloud, or work from our list of templates designed specifically for education.

Keep your students and staff informed and engaged.

  1. Target custom content to specific locations, such as sharing grade-level information to specific classrooms or professional development events to staff rooms.
  2. Always-on signage reinforces key messaging throughout the school day.
  3. Keep things relevant and timely with content that can be updated on the fly when things change.
Teachers collaborating at the front of the classroom.

Versatile messaging, deployed by your internal experts.

  1. Assigning roles and permissions ensures the right people have access to what they need for signage, and nothing else.
  2. Customizable templates let staff incorporate text, graphics, and video to suit their needs.
  3. Drag-and-drop signage playlists simplify scheduling.

Get more value from your existing display investments.

  1. Display upcoming events and activities in communal areas.
  2. Reach family members with tailored messaging scheduled during after-school events.
  3. Schedule grade-level, department, or classroom-specific messaging to start the day.


Vivi is installed everywhere we have a display in our building. We are using Vivi for digital signage, for teachers and students to get content up on the screen. Even on the Jumbotron in the field house.

Kyle Bush
Education Technology Specialist
Community High School District 117 (Illinois)

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