Total Cost of Ownership:

Vivi + TV vs. Interactive Flat Panel

Just how much will that interactive display technology cost you over its lifespan compared to the cost of Vivi paired with a less expensive TV display? Let’s find out!

Total Cost of Ownership@2x
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The Basics
Choose your currency:
How long do you expect your displays to last?
Select the expected lifespan of your digital display. We recommend you enter the value that aligns to your traditional refresh cycle. The typical lifespan of a display is 5-7 years.
How many panels will you need?
To determine the total cost per school or district, enter the total number of panels your school or district intends to purchase.
Product Costs
The cost for a panel, whether an IFP or a commercial TV panel, can vary widely based on model, features, and size. For the most accurate comparison, we recommend entering costs for panels of the same size.
Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) Cost per Unit
TV Panel Cost per Unit
Vivi Cost per Unit
We will factor in the subscription cost for one Vivi per panel.
Other Costs
Enter "0" if no other costs are anticipated.
IFP: Professional Development/Training
IFP: Device Management/MDM Software
IFP: Technical Support
Vivi: Professional Development/Training
Vivi: Device Management/MDM Software
Vivi: Technical Support
*This calculator is designed to provide an estimated cost comparison between Vivi-enabled displays and IFPs based on stated assumptions, your inputs, and approximate pricing at the time the calculator was created. Actual pricing will depend on several variables, including but not limited to how Vivi is purchased, purchase volume, contract length, and more. Results do not represent final pricing and should not be considered a formal quote.

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Bob Fishtrom
Director of Information Technology Services
Mountain View Los Altos High School District (California)

Having one solution that delivers both [digital signage and wireless screen mirroring] and other things beyond means we don’t need multiple systems to cover those things. There’s certainly a cost benefit there.

Mark Holbert
Audio Visual (AV) Engineer

I’m excited to see the transformational impact of student engagement.

Mike Hastings, M.Ed.
Instructional Technology Specialist
Grand Rapids Public Schools

Teachers want that collaborative, flexible space they can create on the fly. Vivi provided that solution for us.

Bob Betz
Director of Technology
Bryan County Schools (Georgia)

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