Super User

Earn a ‘Vivi Super User’ badge, swag, or generate a Vivi donation to a local nonprofit by doing one of the following:​

  • Share your strategies, insights, classroom tips & tricks via Flip
  • Present at a Vivi webinar​
  • Attend a Vivi course or webinar
  • Join the ViviEC

Super School

Earn a ‘Vivi Super School’ banner or generate a Vivi donation to a local nonprofit by doing one of the following:

  • Show how your school shines with a Vivi customer story
  • Connect your whole school via Vivi in exciting and innovative ways

Super Connector

Earn white-glove on-site deployment support or generate a Vivi donation to a local nonprofit by doing one of the following:

  • Refer another school to Vivi
  • Scale Vivi across your whole district
  • Host a local lunch and learn

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Join the Vivi Educator Council

The Vivi Educator Council (ViviEC) is a community of Vivi teachers and leaders from across the globe who were selected because of their passion for both Vivi and impacting student learning through research-based best practices.

By joining the community you will be given the opportunity to beta test features, connect with other ViviEC members virtually, share your Vivi tips and more. Come join in the fun and meet other amazing Vivi educators from across the globe to learn and innovate together.


My experience with the Vivi Educator Council has been amazing. I am from a small town in Kentucky and the fact that I get to collaborate with educators from North America and Australia is, I mean, it’s a dream come true. I get to bring back conversations that I have with people around the country, back to my teachers, back to our admin. It’s given me opportunities to learn and to grow as an educator myself and to be on the cutting edge of what’s coming up!

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Kaitlin King ViviEC
Member & Digital Learning Coach
Monroe Country, KY

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