Stay connected throughout the school day.

From morning announcements to simple reminders, live video and text announcements shared to classroom displays enable targeted and timely communications on campus.

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Just-in-time communications to suit your needs.

Connecting with students and teachers should be simple, scalable and a regular part of the school day. Use your existing network of displays to enable regular, effective touchpoints between school leaders and students.

Targeted reach

Reach who you want, when you want, whether it is a single student in a specific room, a large group across several locations, or the entire school community.

Match purpose to media

Go beyond traditional audio. From non-disruptive text to attention-grabbing video, choose the format that suits your objective.

Intuitive and reliable

Easy to create and share from the Vivi app puts effective messaging in reach of everyone who needs it. No more muffled voices or missed announcements.

Make community building part of every school day.

In-person classroom visits from school leaders and weekly student assemblies aren't scalable, but regular video communication can still create a personal connection.
  1. Address a specific group or the entire school with a personal video message on your schedule.
  2. Celebrate student achievements, highlight special events or share sensitive communications effectively.
  3. Equip student "news crews" to broadcast school news, live.
  4. Share live video securely on your own internal network.
Animation showing a school principal addressing her students in their classrooms using live video shared from her desktop.

When a simple text is all that's needed.

Inform a specific classroom or group of classrooms without disrupting the flow of instruction or causing a panic.
  1. Quickly share an after-school schedule or transportation change due to weather or other
  2. Call an individual student to the front office for pick-up.
  3. Remind students of an upcoming event or field trip.


We are using Vivi to automatically push the broadcast at a scheduled time, so teachers don’t have to turn on the projector, go to YouTube and find the right broadcast anymore.

Lesley Coe
Chief Technology Officer
Cardinal Gibbons High School (North Carolina)

Having our Building Principals be able to play a live video to all of the classroom screens simultaneously creates an opportunity for a shared experience without the disruption of bringing everyone together physically.

Kari Moulton
Technology Integration Support Specialist
Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53 (Illinois)

Elevate your school's communication with Vivi

Break free from the confines of outdate public address systems. Deliver dynamic, targeted announcements tailor-made for modern school environments.