We are a team of educators and engineers with one goal: Engage every student.

Vivi is in over 1000 schools, 40,000 classrooms, and 250,000 devices.

Vivi exists because we all had that one teacher who changed our life, who went above and beyond to serve as a role model and sage.

They guided discussion, connected with their students on a personal level, were just as engaging and entertaining as they were educational, and they created a dynamic learning environment by constantly involving students.

Those teachers are the masters of the social classroom.

The social classroom is where Vivi is proud to help IT help teachers help students because we believe the classroom is critical for a student’s ability to reach their potential, and we’re obsessed with creating more controlled, collaborative, and creative spaces with technology.

Personalised learning environments have been proven to deliver better educational outcomes for individuals through increased participation and engagement. To successfully create such an environment requires a fluid, visual dialogue between teacher and student. This is why Vivi exists.

Engineered by educators, Vivi is the only wireless presenting platform in the world built exclusively for the classroom. Vivi is designed to be the invisible backbone of the teacher and student learning conversation, enhancing collaboration, control, and creativity.

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What does Vivi allow teachers to do during a class?

Vivi enables teachers to move around their classroom with complete freedom. Teachers can now control the display and engage with students from any point in the room, keeping the entire class involved in the lesson and focused on learning. With teacher permission, any student can present their ideas to their classmates, which is a powerful confidence builder. Teachers can easily hand over control of the screen, creating a free-flowing, collaborative learning environment. 

What does Vivi look like in the classroom?

The frustration of trying unsuccessfully to connect a computer to a display is common in homes and workplaces, not just education settings. But when it’s a teacher that’s crouched awkwardly under a desk, fiddling with plugs and cables, it doesn’t take long for their students to lose focus and start acting out. It’s a classic example of technology getting in the way of learning, rather than facilitating it.  

Vivi’s wireless presentation technology not only does away with those plugs and cables, it allows teachers and students to mirror their devices seamlessly to large, shared displays. It does this no matter what device is being used – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone; Apple, Windows, Chrome or Android – as long as the Vivi app is installed. And, although Vivi’s technology is incredibly powerful, for students and teachers, it’s as good as invisible, so the focus is always on learning.

What are the pedagogical benefits of a mobile teacher?

Studies have shown that students are prone to getting “on with things when the teacher’s gaze is on them, dropping off when attention switches elsewhere”. So, when an educator can teach from within the classroom, in amongst the students, rather than being tied to a desk at the front the classroom, it fosters higher levels of student engagement. 
Vivi enables teachers to control what’s displayed on the shared display from any device, anywhere in the room, even if they’re also logged in from a computer. This mobility means that the teacher can move around the classroom, encourage and guide students, and assess their progress, while remaining in control of the room and the screen. 

What are the pedagogical benefits of student participation?

Research cited in Teacher magazine indicates that today’s students are likely to have “17 jobs over five different careers after they leave school.” It’s an incredible statistic, and to be able to adapt to those different roles and professional contexts, they’ll need to have well-developed skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication – the same skills that are nurtured and shaped within the technologically enabled, 21st Century classroom. 
Active student participation is central to this, because it allows students to practice their skills in a controlled and positive environment. When students present their own ideas to their class, they get immediate peer and teacher feedback, giving them a sense of achievement and recognition, and encouraging reflection on the areas where they need to do more work. It also inspires healthy competition, which can motivate students to work harder and stay engaged. 
Vivi facilitates all of this by providing such a simple and efficient solution for sharing work, one that keeps lessons flowing and minimises interruption and distraction. An additional feature within the Vivi app, called Capture Screenshot, supports student engagement even further, particularly for those students who tend to be passive in class. Capture Screenshot allows students to take a screenshot of any media and annotate it, making it easier for them to be active pursuers of educational content rather than passive receivers of information. 

What are the pedagogical benefits of student collaboration?

To equip today’s students for future success, “learners will need skills like analysing, evaluating and synthesising information and problem solving”, in combination with the fundamental social and emotional skills required for working effectively with others. This particular skillset is cultivated by active collaboration, where students learn to overcome challenges and solve problems together, despite different points of view and conflicting opinions. 
Using Vivi’s wireless presentation technology, students are able to “break out” into small groups working around separate screens in the same classroom, for exercises in collective problem-solving. In this configuration, the smaller groups can work through challenges together, in a controlled environment that encourages them to show respect for their peers, to cooperate and to negotiate. 

How does Vivi make a classroom more efficient?

The worst thing in-classroom technology can do is add tasks to a teacher’s day. Vivi does the opposite, creating efficiency through a range of features built specifically for the school environment. 
Some are beautifully simple, such as the Share Link with Room feature, which allows teachers to simultaneously broadcast a URL to the entire class. Or the digital alert a student can raise instead of raising their hand, so they can let the teacher know they’d like to speak to them but then continue working until the teacher is free. Others are more sophisticated, for example, real-time classroom participation metrics that enable admins to track the level of student engagement at all times. 
But it might be Vivi’s management of video that excites teachers the most. After all, video can be such a powerful tool in education, but it’s also notorious for derailing classes with poor performance and incessant buffering. Vivi mitigates that risk by offering a direct video play feature within the App and integration with video management systems such as Clickview. And while a teacher is playing video to a shared screen from their own device, everything else doesn’t have to stop – they’re free to continue their own work privately on that same device. 

What is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and how does Vivi support it?

There are good reasons why 1:1 implementation, such as BYOD has become a popular approach for dealing with technology in 21st Century learning environments. It can be reassuring for teachers and students to use their own device, and it eliminates the time otherwise spent teaching an entire class how to use the supplied equipment. But connecting so many different devices to a school IT system can be challenging. 
Vivi wireless presentation technology overcomes that with simple, native mirroring of any computer or mobile device that has the Vivi app installed, Apple, Windows, Chromebooks or Android. So the only reason a student couldn’t participate in the classroom would be if they’d left their device at home. (Yes, it’ll happen, but considering the nature of most devices, at least their teacher won’t have to put up with any more “the dog ate my homework” excuses!) 

What is Vivi Central?

One of most attractive aspects of Vivi for eLearning or IT managers is the centralised management functionality built into its administration platform: Vivi Central. From Vivi Central, the school’s entire Vivi network can be managed: bulk firmware updates can be run from it; IT staff can pick up and respond to maintenance notifications sent from teachers in individual rooms; custom splash screens with school logos or other images can be assigned; and administrators can monitor usage at a group or individual level, track files and devices within the school’s private network, and authorise access to data. 

The entire Vivi network is integrated, with whole-of-school management functionality channelled through this single platform, which can be accessed seamlessly by user login. By comparison, the traditional model for school technology, with its emphasis on hardware over connected software, is fragmented, unwieldy and inefficient. 

How can I use Vivi for occupational health and safety?

Vivi’s network of connected devices and displays can be harnessed for purposes outside its core educational purpose. In the event of a crisis, for example, Vivi’s Emergency Broadcast feature allows for evacuation and lockdown messages to be broadcast instantly into all Vivi-connected rooms. This provides additional guidance to teachers in these challenging scenarios, and can remind the entire school population of all necessary safety procedures. It’s a feature that everyone hopes is never needed, but it’s certainly reassuring to have it there just in case. 

What integrations does Vivi have?

Vivi partners with like-minded technology companies to build integrations that help strengthen Vivi’s use in schools.  

For example, an integration with CommBox allows Vivi to communicate with the CommBox control panel in each room when an emergency is triggered from the Vivi App., and a ClickView integration allows videos on the ClickView website to be streamed directly to a Vivi-enabled screen. 

How did Vivi start?

In 2013, Australian tech entrepreneur Dr. Lior Rauchberger was asked to recommend a quality wireless presentation solution for a client. Their key criteria? It must be compatible across all devices and platforms. 

Seemed straightforward enough. But as Lior began his research, he was underwhelmed, to say the least. Solutions were either clunky and unreliable – or too expensive for the average workplace, university or school to afford. From that moment, Lior knew there was a gap in the market. And he knew he had to fill it. 

He then joined forces with startup specialist Simon Holland and tech guru Tomas Spacek from Papercloud Ventures to make Vivi a reality. Their goal? To create the simplest and most intuitive wireless presentation solution in the world. Vivi officially launched in February 2016. 

How does Vivi help make classrooms smarter?

We are now seeing the importance of personalized learning, as well as the rapid emergence of various pedagogical theories, tailored around making the learning process a more engaging experience. But for these ideas to be successful, they require a fluid, visual dialogue between teacher and student. And this is why Vivi was born. 

Developed in conjunction with educators, Vivi is the only wireless presenting platform in the world built exclusively for the learning environment. Vivi is designed to be the invisible backbone of the teacher and student learning conversation. We know that by providing seamless access to the audio-visual equipment in the classroom, Vivi supports a collaborative learning environment. 

Through ease of access and simplicity of use, the Vivi platform supports 21st Century learning – Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication. A Vivi-enabled school allows teachers and students to walk into any classroom and present from any screen regardless of device or platform. This strips away the thinking around ‘how to connect’ and allows people to focus on the thoughts they want to communicate to the classroom visually. 

Vivi was born into this fluid, technological learning space. And because of that, we have agility baked into our DNA. We know that as education technology and practices evolve, we will evolve too – continually looking for ways to help the education process become simpler and smarter to improve student outcomes. 

What is a Vivi classroom?

With our wireless presentation solution, teachers are now given the freedom to navigate their classroom with no restrictions, engaging with both the screen and the students from any point in the room, increasing student engagement. 
Students can present their exciting ideas to the entire class (with teacher permission) allowing for immediate teacher and peer feedback and providing an excellent opportunity to reinforce learning objectives and increase confidence. 
Vivi makes it simple and easy to switch control between students and their teacher, allowing for a free-flowing efficient learning environment. Screen sharing will encourage students to be respectful, develop negotiation and cooperation skills, leading to a much more collaborative learning environment. 

What components make up the Vivi product?

The Vivi solution begins with our Vivi box: a small, easy to hide device which once installed allows any screen to become Vivi-enabled. The app is how you access all of Vivi’s features and manage your screen, which is easy for both students and teachers to use allowing you to focus on what’s important – engaging your students. Vivi Central centrally manages users and devices. It’s designed for administrators to be easy to use and navigate. 

How can Vivi help communicate within my school during an emergency?

When a teacher is made aware of a critical event – in the classroom or on the school grounds – prompt communication of the potential emergency school-wide is vital. The power of Vivi’s Emergency Broadcast feature is that it enables a teacher to instantly send a Lockdown or Evacuation message to every screen and device with an active Vivi connection. 

Why is Vivi a subscription business?

Vivi is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business whereby the ongoing intelligence of the solution is found in the software. Like any subscription business, we want to continue to provide our users the best possible product with constantly improving features, and this is only possible through the software, not the hardware, and therefore requires continuous software development costs. 

Why is there a multi-year commitment?

When paying on subscription, instead of purchasing the Vivi box outright, the box cost is factored into the subscription cost over multiple years. This allows you to always have the most up-to-date hardware, provides access to all Vivi support and warranties, and ensures you are motivated to maximise the use of the solution within the classroom.