We engineer the communication and collaboration tool that engages students and elevates educators

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Vivi exists because we all had that one teacher who changed our life, who went above and beyond to serve as a role model and sage.

They guided discussion, connected with their students on a personal level, were just as engaging and entertaining as they were educational, and they created a dynamic learning environment by constantly involving students.

Those teachers are the masters of the social classroom.

The social classroom is where Vivi is proud to help IT help teachers help students because we believe the classroom is critical for a student’s ability to reach their potential, and we’re obsessed with creating more controlled, collaborative, and creative spaces with technology.

Personalized learning environments have been proven to deliver better educational outcomes for individuals through increased participation and engagement. To successfully create such an environment requires a fluid, visual dialogue between teacher and student.

This is why Vivi exists.

Engineered by educators, Vivi is the communication and collaboration tool that engages students and elevates educators. Vivi is designed to be the invisible backbone of the teacher and student learning conversation, enhancing collaboration, control, and creativity.

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“Look, Vivi was just very quick and easy to adopt. We set it up in our first building and were starting to plan how we were going to start training our teachers when we discovered they were already using it. It’s so easy to use, they just took off and ran with it."

Ron Cone
Executive Director of Information Technology
Kennewick School District

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We’re transforming the classroom into a controllable, collaborative, and creative learning space through social teaching.