Create safer learning environments with visual emergency alerts.

Vivi’s emergency notification system sends visual alerts quickly and reliably to any connected display on your campus in seconds, expanding the reach and impact of your current tools.


Expand the Effectiveness of Your Emergency Protocols

When it comes to an emergency, seconds count. Vivi puts clear, consistent communications in front of more people, quickly.

Expanded reach

Ensure your alerts appear on classroom displays, where students and teachers spend the most time.

Greater impact

Visual alerts boost the impact of existing emergency protocols with tailored messaging for different crisis situations.

Simple integration

Integrates via API with your existing emergency management systems allowing notifications to be triggered automatically.

Enhance situational awareness.

Displaying visual alerts on all connected screens in common areas and classrooms:
  1. Reduces confusion during preparedness drills and actual emergencies by clearly disseminating critical information in a stressful situation.
  2. Increases the likelihood that key information is seen by students, teachers, and staff regardless of where they are in the building.
  3. Aligns to Universal Design for Learning best practices by supporting everyone in the school with added support and information during an emergency.

Give your current emergency management system a boost.

  1. Integrate easily via API with your existing school safety system.
  2. Enable Vivi notifications to automatically display when an emergency is triggered.
  3. Set the system to default to visual alerts during specific emergencies when audio alerts are best avoided.

Strengthen your existing emergency protocols.

IT teams can:
  1. Customize set up to allow emergency notifications to take over any screen and display the alert until the emergency is lifted.
  2. Enable screens to be powered on and display an alert during an emergency event.
  3. Centrally manage different school locations or buildings.
  4. Leverage your existing network of screens to expand the reach of your alerts.


As we know, in school systems now, security and safety is a huge component and we’ve been able to use our screens and our Vivi with our emergency notification system to let the whole building know when something is happening.

Zackary Livingston
Zion-Benton High School, District 126 (Illinois)

At the moment, it’s set up so that when we trigger an alert in our current [emergency] system, it pops evacuation signage onto any Vivi that’s up and running.

Ashley Morrison
ICT Manager
St Michael’s College (South Australia)

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