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The successful integration of new technology tools requires intention and training. We've got you covered, with level-based asynchronous tutorials and resources available when you are, along with other opportunities to grow your Vivi knowledge.

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Training with Vivi

To build a strong foundation, we recommend completing Vivi’s leveled training courses in sequential order. After successfully finishing each course, you can instantly download your certificate of completion.

In each level, you'll find video tutorials, registration for live training webinars, and access to pre-recorded sessions. Dive in and start learning today!

Level 1: The Basics

Level 1: The Basics

In the first installment of Vivi’s Leveled Training for the Classroom, participants will learn how to: 

  • Log in and join your Vivi room from the Vivi App.
  • Share your screen and review the tools in the floating toolbar.  
  • Use the annotation/screenshot feature to capture content and annotate in real time. 
  • Use the Whiteboard tools to customize your lessons.

Getting Started

Complete the course:

-> Start Level 1 "The Basics" Course

Level 1 supplemental resources:

Level 1 – The Basics Tutorial Videos

Register for a Level 1 training webinar:

Can't attend a live webinar? Check out this pre-recorded Level 1 training session:

Level 1 Training Recording 

Level 2: Interactive Content and Student Use
Level 3: Engaging Students with Vivi
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Additional ways to get to know Vivi

Training Videos

We've created a handful of helpful video tutorials to help along the way. We encourage you to explore them on your schedule.

Customer success

Our team is an extension of your team (if you want us to be) and they’re available at no extra cost.

Print Resources for Your Classroom

  • How to connect – A quick guide to connecting to Vivi for the first time: Download
  • App features – A summary of the key features of our Vivi App: Download
  • Guest access – A guide to the four ways you can give your guests quick Vivi access: Download
  • How to use ClickView with Vivi – Instructions on reliably streaming videos from the ClickView website directly to the Vivi in your room: Download
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