Once a teacher uses Vivi, they won’t teach without it

Use our Support Hub to access how-to guides, answer product questions, and raise support tickets. Or join a webinar, request professional development, or complete a self-paced online course.

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It's so easy to use that we feel silly calling it "training".

Our customer success team are all ex-teachers and offer a variety of training options. Why undertake Vivi training?

  • Add to teachers’ professional development
  • Create a more engaged classroom
  • Contribute to improved learning outcomes
  • Enjoy more effective student/teacher collaboration
  • Implement real-time formative assessments

For technical guidance, please visit our Support Hub.

There are three ways to get to know Vivi:

Support page


Get to know the basics with a 101 session, or explore practical tips with a deep-dive into best practices.

Customer success

Our team is an extension of your team (if you want us to be) and they’re available at no extra cost.

Self-paced online courses

Step-by-step guides and questionnaires to ensure you are well equipped to make your classroom more social.

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Are you a teacher? Most of us are too.

Vivi enables teachers to move around their classroom with complete freedom.

  • Control the screen and engage with students from any point in the room, keeping the entire class involved in the lesson and focused on learning.
  • With teacher permission, any student can present their ideas to their classmates, which is a powerful confidence builder.
  • Teachers can easily hand over control of the screen, creating a free-flowing, collaborative learning environment.

Vivi wasn’t just created to “cut the cord” between devices and screens.

It includes a long list of pedagogical features that contribute to a learning environment where students are encouraged to take a proactive role in their education. And where teachers can use the range of technological tools at their fingertips to achieve more in every lesson.

Print resources for your classroom.

  • How to connect – A quick guide to connecting to Vivi for the first time: Download
  • App features – A summary of the key features of our Vivi App: Download
  • Guest access – A guide to the four ways you can give your guests quick Vivi access: Download
  • How to use ClickView with Vivi – Instructions on reliably streaming videos from the ClickView website directly to the Vivi in your room: Download
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