How to Vivi

Love what Vivi does? Let’s look at the how behind it all.



The Vivi Solution

Vivi Display

The backend operating system on which Vivi runs


Vivi App

The interface used by teachers, students, and administrators

Vivi App

Vivi Central

Where IT administrators manage all things Vivi

Vivi central

The Vivi Display App

Yours, ours, mix and match to meet your needs.

The Vivi Display takes two forms: the Display App (software) or the Display Box (hardware) depending on the type of classroom technology used.

Promethean ActivPanel

The Vivi Display App works on most Promethean ActivPanels, without a need for additional hardware.

Download the Vivi Display App, install it on your panels using your preferred method, and you’re good to go. Non-compatible panels will require the Vivi Display Box.

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Other Android-based IFPs
Projector/TV Displays
Smart TVs

The Vivi App

Homebase for teachers, students and other end users

This is where the magic happens in the classroom. Students can request to share, screenshot what the teacher is sharing, annotate, and interact. Teachers can play content, give permission for students to share, get immediate feedback from students and so much more.

This image shows an open laptop alongside a mobile device, both displaying the main view a teacher sees when using the Vivi App. On this view, you can see that one student has requested permission to share their screen to the class display.
This image shows a screenshot of the homepage in Vivi Central, the cloud-based administration platform used by technology teams and administrators to manage Vivi.

Vivi Central

Where your technical team keeps things humming.

IT and other designated staff’s central command for all things Vivi. Assign role-based permissions. Set up integrations. Keep an eye on WiFI permission and more. Enterprise-level device management for all your Vivi-enabled screens.


What is nice about Vivi is, ‘hey, here’s the app, here’s how you connect, go to it.’ And really, that’s how simple it is, which makes my job, and our teachers’ jobs, a little bit easier.

Scott Cittadino
Assistant Superintendent of Technology Services
Wauconda Community Unit School District 118 (Illinois)

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