8 ways to use Vivi when returning to the classroom amid COVID restrictions

13 August 2021 | By viviedu

Whether you’re a school district planning a safe return from a well-deserved school break, or stuttering in and out of restrictions and want to maintain the highest level of safety for your teachers and students when they’re back on campus, Vivi is designed to make the classroom a more collaborative, controlled, and creative learning space.

Here are eight ways to use Vivi when returning to the classroom amid COVID restrictions:

Digital signage

Messaging has never been so important. The ability to display messages on screen about guidelines for social distancing, or the responsibility everyone in the community has to keep others safe, grows in importance as students return to campus.

Live broadcast

With social distancing expected to be the norm for the foreseeable future, the live broadcast feature enables students to participate in assemblies from their own classrooms.

Combine rooms

If you have restrictions on the number of students allowed in each room, Vivi allows you to split a class across multiple rooms and keep them on the same page with consistent visual learning content being displayed in each of the rooms. Even better in a learning space where divider walls can be removed and teachers can be on the move.

Screen mirroring

The basic functionality of Vivi empowers students to share their work and engage with the work of their peers without having to cluster together or move around within the room. Practice safe social distancing while providing full transparency into each others’ work. Also, no sharing of HDMI cables 🤢

Fleet management

There’s no need for an IT administrator to physically visit a classroom to fix a screen mirroring device if it is centrally managed and they can bulk update and configure, as well as receive a 60-second heartbeat from each box.

Power management

You’re already busy enough as an IT administrator and might have that dreaded feeling of whether they left the kettle on, although this time with every display in the school. With Vivi, you can centrally turn on or off each and every screen.

Direct video play

Teaching a hybrid class and you need to field questions from remote students while you play a video? No worries – you can do whatever you want on your device while you play a video for everyone from the classroom.

Emergency alerts

Things change quickly during a pandemic and those changes need to be communicated even quicker. Use Vivi to blast a dynamic message on every display around your school so everyone is on the same page. After all, we’re all in this together.

To find out more about Vivi’s features, and how schools and districts are using wireless screen mirroring and digital signage to safely return to classrooms around the world, please get in touch.