Kick Off the Year with New Vivi Enhancements

11 February 2023 | By Maureen Toberman

Happy belated New Years to our amazing Vivi Teacher Community (ViviTC)! To kick off 2023, we are excited to share some new updates and enhancements that are sure to enrich your Vivi experience by offering.

Explore additional details about each enhancement/update and how you can apply them to your own classroom or school below.

Instructional Enhancements:  

We are so excited to release our first set of 9 background templates for the Vivi whiteboard to make  Go-Green with Screenshot, Multiple Methods, note-taking, graphic organizers and other lesson engagement activities even easier. These whiteboard templates help you maximize the usage of any screen by turning it into a collaborative learning space.  

Some templates include:

This release also gives you and your students even more workspace – while also adding more customization and accessibility! The updated toolbar includes new colors (for writing and annotating), drawing tools, as well as a smaller, single toolbar for easy access when implementing strategies like Mess-Free Practice

Updates to our annotation tool make it faster than ever to engage with presented content, streamline the annotation process for teacher and student presenters, as well as Adjusting Lessons on the Fly. The annotation screen is also now edge to edge to allow for full screen interactivity.

Digital Signage Updates:  

We have released 11 new digital signage templates that are customizable and replicable – to make it easy for anyone and everyone to build consistent, polished, and impactful content to be shared school – or system-wide. 

Each template can be customized with:

Based on feedback, we have also added 3 new dynamic widgets for weather, calendar and news to make it easier than ever to display up-to-date, relevant information to your school community. These widgets can be deployed to specific groups of displays to make sure that the right people are seeing the right information. 

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