Building Community Through Campus Communication

16 November 2023 | By Corey Shelton, VP of Product

So much that happens in a school day happens in the classroom: Learning, making friends, experiencing excitement and boredom, having fun, struggling with new concepts…the list goes on.  

Vivi has been part of creating a dynamic, people-centric classroom from the very beginning. Our wireless screen sharing solution empowers teachers by untethering them from cords and cables, giving them the freedom to be more present with students. Adding to this are all the instructional tools Vivi offers, unique among screen-sharing solutions because Vivi is built specifically for educators. We make it easy for teachers to manage and pace their instruction.  

But Vivi isn’t just a classroom collaboration tool. We believe it can also serve as a communication platform that creates a conduit between classrooms and school leadership and connects the greater school community. 

Introducing Vivi Announcements 

Emails go unread. Certainly by students, but even—gasp—by adults. Paging is disruptive. Calling is disruptive. PA announcements are disruptive. 

With Vivi Text Announcements, your admin team can send concise, noticeable messages to classrooms, common areas, or groups of displays to signal boost any message you need to get across to students and staff, without disrupting the flow of instruction. 


Combined with school-wide Digital Signage for every day, routine, planned communications, and our Emergency Alerts system for more urgent and interruptive communications, Vivi Text Announcements add a new way to remind students of goings-on at your school, share schedule changes or other timely information, or let a student know that something was dropped off for them in the office. 

Sending a text announcement is easy to do and easy to understand. Just write the message, choose what rooms or groups of rooms you want to send the message to, set a few options (only if you want to), and let it fly. 

Pretty neat, right? The schools we worked with to design this feature can’t wait to get started. We hope you feel the same way. Vivi Text Announcements will be available in Vivi’s December 2023 update, so if you’re a Vivi school, you won’t have to wait long to try it out. 

But that’s not all we have in mind for Vivi Announcements. 

Video has become a huge part of how we communicate with one another, making our interactions feel more personal, more fun, more human. 

This is why Video Announcements will be the next step in our Vivi Announcements journey. 

Video Announcements for Schools


With Video Announcements, you can go live, and stream a live video announcement to groups of rooms, displays in common areas, and anywhere on campus with a Vivi-enabled display. This is a fantastic and highly engaging way to deliver morning announcements, “student news desk” segments, and any other kind of communication where video makes sense. 

Not only is Video Announcements a highly requested feature, but we feel that it’s something that can have a meaningful impact on the idea we started this article with: Classrooms as joyful, highly engaged communities. 

Video Announcements will be available for all Vivi schools in early 2024. 

From there, we already have incredible ideas from Vivi schools of all shapes and sizes about where we can take Vivi Announcements, we would love for you to check out our Product Portal and share your ideas with us. 

Not a Vivi School? We’d love to talk with you. Request a meeting and we’ll put the wheels in motion