5 Reasons to Upgrade Your School’s Digital Signage

Many schools are already utilising or moving towards digital signage to help keep students informed and engaged, with information displayed in the right place at the right time.

There are many ways to set-up your digital signage, Raspberry Pies, mini-PCs, Chromeboxes, screen sharing… the list goes on, but some are easier to manage than others. With budget allocations around the corner, now’s the perfect time to review and upgrade your digital signage. Here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to your school’s digital signage.

1. Does your current solution allow you to edit content in real-time?

One of the time-consuming elements of digital signage is pulling all of your content together, creating the schedules, uploading and setting up the content for each display… and it gets worse when you’ve realised something has been misspelt or there’s been an update to the lunch menu or after-school club calendar… and you’ve got to start the process all over again.

Having a cloud-based and centrally managed digital signage solution allows you to make changes and updates to content and schedules in real-time, with updates made instantly to each display.

2. Does your current solution work with any display and all devices?

Whether that’s any variety of TV, interactive display, projectors, or the device you’re using to manage each device such as a laptop, Mac, iPad, or computer… having a solution that works on them will not only save you time but money by working with the technology you already have.

3. Does your current solution allow you to delegate signage controls?

For most establishments, we can hazard a guess that digital signage falls under the technical or ITs roles and responsibilities with signage requests and changes coming to the team to manage and update.

What if you had a solution that was simple and access controlled that allowed your teams to delegate signage controls and privileges? Being able to do this frees up IT time and gives control to people who use these specific displays, like in the cafeteria or in the reception.

4. Does your current solution incorporate emergency alerts?

For an all-encompassing emergency alert system, it’s important to make sure every student, staff and being in the school is aware of an active emergency protocol happening so action can take place as appropriate.

By incorporating displays as part of your emergency alert systems, as well as alarms, schools can ensure their emergency alerts are heard and seen anywhere there’s a display.

5. Is your current solution made for schools?

As we mentioned back in the introduction of this blog, there are a lot of options for digital signage, but not all of them are created and designed by those who have been in the classrooms and taught in schools themselves, and that’s noticeable in how the solutions operate and what features are included.

Vivi – Simple, centralised digital signage for schools

Vivi ticks all of these boxes providing a simple, centralised digital signage solution for schools that saves IT staff time.

Here’s what makes Vivi different from other digital signage companies:

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