“What room am I in?” will no longer be the most common Vivi-related IT support question

3 September 2021 | By viviedu

Vivi is so easy for teachers to use that we constantly hear the most common Vivi-related support question IT administrators get is “what room am I in?”

We help IT help teachers help students, so in order to assist with engaging every student, we are obsessed with making the role of the IT administrator as efficient as possible. At first, we were proud that support questions weren’t actually related to our product, but we quickly decided we needed to fix this.

With the launch of our new app, Vivi now has a Nearby Rooms feature that uses Bluetooth to identify boxes within a close range. The Bluetooth beacon will not show up when other devices search for pairings and will not interfere with the operation of other Bluetooth devices.

The Vivi app scans for boxes when on the rooms page and displays boxes located in the order of proximity.

Another new feature, Auto Organisation Discovery, automatically knows your school or district to streamline the login experience for your teachers and students.

Previously, they would choose from a full list of Vivi users, but with many schools having similar names it could be difficult to identify the correct option. The new feature uses the school’s IP address to make getting started with Vivi even smoother. It is possible that schools share IP addresses, whereby the user is given a list of possible matches

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