Welcome to Vivi Central

30 May 2019 | By viviedu

Welcome to Vivi Central, the new Vivi administration platform reimagined and redesigned.

With Vivi Central, you will:

  1. Save time managing your Vivi solution
  2. Make better data-driven decisions
  3. Encourage department take-up of Vivi features like Digital Signage

 Here is your quick tour of the new platform highlighting some of the key differences you will find:


Overview of what’s different in Vivi Central

URL Change

It’s important to note the URL to access our administration platform, has changed to admin.vivi.io. The old portal is still available at api.vivi.io for a limited time (see FAQ section at end of post for more information).

User Interface

Vivi Central has a clean, simplistic user-interface with dynamic left-hand navigation.

Homepage Dashboard

The Vivi Central homepage contains a dashboard with several useful metrics about your Vivi Solution, including:


The Organization section is your settings control center. Features settings are broken into groups which you can easily access via the tabs at the top.

Locations, Rooms & Splashes

One of the important goals of the redesign was to improve the way that locations, rooms, and splashes were created and managed. It’s easy to create unlimited top-level locations and sub-locations. A breadcrumb trail is maintained at the top for easy navigation.

In the rooms list, click any room, and you will again see the familiar tabs for easy access to all the settings. A new feature allows you to easily preview the splash assigned to a particular room.


Boxes are now called Devices on Vivi Central.


We have now consolidated all media into a single section. Media is now your hub for anything used for Splashes, Signage, and Emergencies. It allows you to see an overview of all your media and click further into a media item to view details and preview. For images, you can bulk upload multiple files, re-size images, and view an upload progress bar.


It was important for us to improve the Signage functionality to be easily used across departments such as Administration and Marketing, not just IT.

We’ve done this by creating a Signage wizard. Using the wizard, you don’t have to have pre-created a signage group. You can create one on the fly if required or use a single room. And you don’t have to have pre-created a playlist. You can create one inline or even upload a single item of media.


Emergencies have moved into their own section. In the main view, you can see all the emergencies triggered by your organization. You can create unlimited emergency types, beyond the pre-loaded evacuation and lockdown and assign the right Emergency Alert image (formally known as Emergency Splashes) to the emergency type.


We have re-named what used to be called the dashboard to metrics, bringing you a cleaner, better performing interface, with all the same metrics. There is also a new ranking section that allows you to pick a metric and a time period to see a comprehensive list view.

New Admin Guide

Our Admin guided located in the Vivi Support Hub has been completely re-written to coincide with the launch of Vivi Central. The Support Hub should be your go-to source for any how-to questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still have access to the Vivi Admin Portal?

Yes, we will be running it in parallel to Vivi Central for approximately two months, with the current plan to turn off the Vivi Admin Portal (api.vivi.io) on the 25th July. We will give you plenty of notice to confirm this date.

Can I work in both Vivi Central and the Vivi Admin Portal?

Yes, during this period, you can use them interchangeably. The business logic and database are shared between the two platforms, so there is no danger of inconsistent states being created.

Why did you undertake a re-build of the administration platform?

The existing Admin Portal had been around since we launched Vivi over three years ago, while it has performed well, our functionality has expanded beyond the scope of its capabilities. We want to continue to be able to offer a rich user experience and continue to improve our functionality, which required us to upgrade our technology.

Will there be any changes to the Vivi subscription price to use Vivi Central?

No, access to Vivi Central is included in your current subscription. It’s part of our commitment of continuing to add value to your existing investment.