Digital Signage Update Release Blog

29 September 2020 | By viviedu

Our latest release delivers a slew of Digital Signage updates, based on your requests and schools’ evolving needs.

These enhancements make communication easy and effective, ensuring targeted messages are directed to students and staff either at a school-wide or individual classroom level, by multiple authorized school stakeholders.

Our latest updates include:

Calendar View of your Signage Schedule

IT Administrators now receive a clear picture of all scheduled signage across the entire school.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 11.22.50 am

Visualize your school’s schedule in Calendar View

Calendar View in Vivi Central gives IT Administrators a quick and easy visualization of when and where signage is scheduled, in a similar format to what you might see in Outlook or Google Calendar. The simple, visual layout provides an instant update at a glance.

Added Signage Permissions, Priority & Precedence

IT Administrators can now easily grant access to Digital Signage – saving hours!

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 4.31.12 pm-1

IT Admins can now assign User Permissions to other Staff Members

Further time-saving enhancements that make Vivi’s Digital Signage more flexible than ever, include:

You can now Directly Upload PowerPoints

IT Administrators can now upload PowerPoint files as signage media.


Embedding PowerPoints into your signage schedule is as simple as uploading the file

PowerPoint is one of the most common ways IT Administrators have been crafting their signage media, but in the past you’ve had to save these as video or images before uploading. Not anymore, now you can upload PowerPoints directly into Vivi, saving the wasted effort of file conversion.

But that’s not all…

These additions are sure to go down very well with our IT Administrators:

About Vivi

Vivi aims to help classrooms become student empowered learning environments, integrating cross-platform wireless screen mirroring and video streaming with advanced and intuitive classroom features such as formative assessment, health and wellbeing checks; fast and reliable video streaming; digital signage; emergency broadcast and so much more. All this is easy to use and centrally managed via a cloud-based administration platform.