Say hello to your new Vivi Dashboard.

7 August 2017 | By viviedu

Vivi’s new software update 1.6 is a game-changer for schools. Since Vivi’s inception, our school customers have been asking for analytics and reporting functionality. And now it’s here.

Now, not only do your teachers and students gain the benefits of a more flexible learning environment, but you can measure how they are using Vivi, what they’re using it for and how often. This offers metrics on how effectively Vivi is being used to increase student engagement and learning outcomes.

Better yet, we’ve added comparison data which highlights where your Vivi engagement ranks against other schools – allowing you to set new benchmarks for student engagement.


Vivi software is available in your classrooms, but are teachers embracing the technology? And how often are students logging in?

Your Vivi dashboard has the answers.

 The participation metrics tab provides data on how often students and teachers are using Vivi for presentations and who are your top adopters among staff. You can also see what percentage of users are active and identify the classrooms that use Vivi the most.

In essence, the participation metrics are designed to provide insight into how Vivi’s technology is being employed in the classroom, and how technology in the classroom can affect learning outcomes. You can then use this data to inform future professional development opportunities and student engagement strategies.

Participation metrics at a glance:


This is where things get interesting. Arguably, more important than when teachers and students use Vivi, is how they use Vivi.

When Vivi is fully incorporated into lessons, teachers have more flexibility in the classroom and have enhanced ability to engage students in the classroom environment. Engagement goes up, as does student success.

The new engagement metrics tab of Vivi’s dashboard gives customer stakeholders a unique insight into how students are engaging with Vivi. 

From insights into how often students collaborate, to whether students are requesting control and sharing content, the engagement metrics tab of the dashboard helps you understand student engagement at a whole new level.

Most importantly, when you improve student engagement in the classroom with the aid of Vivi, you will have real data to back up your strategies.

Engagement metrics at a glance:

So where is your new Vivi dashboard?

You will find the dashboard in Vivi’s Admin Portal, which can be accessed by anyone with administration access to Vivi.  We have also added an additional role to our Admin Portal – eLearning Admin, which has dashboard-only access.

If you don’t have access to the Portal, please contact your school’s Vivi Admin.

The analytics dashboard will only show data if your Vivi firmware has been updated to 1.6.0, and your clients are updated to 2.10.0.

Knowledge is power. Vivi’s new dashboard gives you that power – with tools and information to enhance education outcomes for students.