“It just works” - every teacher who uses Vivi.

Vivi will work in your living room, but it’s not a consumer product. This little blue box was engineered from the ground up specifically for education, and our team of ex-teachers created an app that understands classroom pain points.

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“I don’t have to be that fixed point at the front of the classroom. I can be walking around and constantly assessing and looking up at the board. It’s about me being a facilitator, not always the teacher."

Karen Gunasekara
St. Augustine's College

Free yourself from the front of the room.

We love when Vivi-enabled schools tell us they’re creating classrooms that don’t have a front of the room so that teachers stay mobile and students stay engaged.

Vivi is wireless screen mirroring that the teacher controls in the classroom. Every detail in the Vivi app is designed to enhance the teacher’s ability to engage their students.

Playing a video is more powerful when you’re in control.

Usually when you’re playing a video from your device to a display, it’s just mirroring your screen and you have to watch the video too - and hope an ad doesn’t pop up.

With Vivi, video plays through the box, not your device, so you can control a video through your laptop for the whole class to watch on the display, while using that same device to respond to emails.

Also, queue playlists, control the volume, add subtitles, and annotate any frame of the video.

Making teachers more efficient, only with Vivi.

Vivi is designed for education, so we obsess over those little features that make a big difference to teachers’ lives.

If you have multiple displays in one room, Vivi lets you seamlessly share different content to each display from the one device. Imagine a teacher playing a YouTube video on one display, showing a PowerPoint presentation on a second, the whiteboard tool for sketching on a third, and a student’s work on the fourth. All while walking around the classroom.

Also, teachers can have peace of mind when a student shares their screen by providing a live video preview of the student’s screen before allowing them to share it with the class.

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