Vivi is renovation rescue for any classroom that needs a technology refresh

Vivi launched in 2016 and is now in over 80,000 classrooms at over 1,600 schools. School leaders, IT administrators, and teachers just love the simplicity, reliability, and value of Vivi.

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Join over 1,600 schools, 80,000 classrooms, and 500,000 students and teachers.


“I love Vivi for the way it has transformed the pedagogy in our classrooms.”

Paul Bennett
Assistant Principal, Administration & IT
Brigidine College, Indooroopilly

Get return on investment for every display.

You’ve wisely chosen a dedicated wireless screen mirroring and digital solution for your displays, as opposed to costly interactive flat panels. Now it’s time to maximise your ROI from your displays.

With Vivi, digital signage is an included feature that is centrally managed alongside screen mirroring. From the comfort of your office (or anywhere, really) you can turn on/off every display, and control what each is showing.

Live broadcast and emergency notifications.

Most Vivi schools have displays (TVs, projectors - whatever) in classrooms, hallways, and communal areas. When you have something to communicate, override every screen, or a sub-section, to bring clarity to your school or district.

Instead of gathering every student into one physical space for an assembly, keep them in the classrooms and live broadcast an address from your principal in real time.

If there is a threat on your campus, communicate it immediately and consistently through emergency notifications.

IT and teachers are always in control.

Teachers and students use the same app, with different controls, so it’s very easy to allow students to share their work. And to do so with peace of mind by providing a live video preview of the student’s screen before allowing them to share it with the class.

Students who contribute to the lesson are more engaged, so Vivi makes that process as pain-free and empowering as possible. Oh, and four students can share content to the one display, automatically organised into quadrants.

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8 Ways to Kick Off the School Year with Vivi

8 Ways to Kick Off the School Year with Vivi 

At the start of a new school year (or on the return from any extended break), school leaders, teachers and staff have an opportunity to set their expectations and the desired tone for the year. Embracing technology can be a pivotal way to engage students and create an inclusive and dynamic classroom atmosphere. In this blog post, we explore eight innovative ways teachers and school leaders can establish a sense of belonging and drive student engagement with Vivi.

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