Is Your School NAPLAN Ready?

29 February 2024 | By viviedu

Over one million students sit the NAPLAN tests in Australia each year, providing valuable information to parents, schools, and governments about student performance. However, like any high-stakes examinations, NAPLAN can be a stressful time for both students and school staff.  

For students, they are pulled out of their regular routine and put into a stressful and unfamiliar testing environment. 

For school staff, they need to provide extra support to their students completing the national testing, whilst limiting disruptions to those not completing NAPLAN.  

So, what are some ways you can ensure your school is NAPLAN ready and your students are set up for success?

We’ve outlined four simple ways you can keep your staff and students on track during this period and allow them to perform at their best. 

1. Clocks & Timers

With Vivi’s Clocks and Timers feature, educators can display an analog or digital clock, a stopwatch, or a timer on the home screen of the Vivi app, making it fast and easy to get started with testing facilitation.  

This also alleviates the pressure of managing time while balancing all the other tasks associated with testing. 

2. Keep students engaged, informed and supported

NAPLAN can be a stressful time for students who are suddenly removed from their normal routine. Digital signage across your campus is a great way to keep them engaged, informed and supported. Here are some ideas: 

Video Announcements for Schools

Video announcements are another effective way for school leaders to support students during this time. For example, your principal could conduct a short video announcement at the start of testing days and broadcast just to the rooms where students are about to complete their NAPLAN testing. They can share positive affirmations and some last-minute advice to reinforce that the school is here to support students during this time.

3. Limit disruptions with Text Announcements 

Text Announcements for Schools

Keeping disruptions and distractions to a minimum is key during any exam period. With Vivi’s Text Announcements, you can send a message to a specific classroom screen or group of classroom screens, without disrupting students who are completing their NAPLAN exams.

For example, if you have a parent who is waiting to collect their child from reception / front office, instead of using the PA system or sending a member of staff to collect the student, a simple text can be sent to the classroom screen the student is in.

4. Wellness breaks and check-ins

Looking after students’ mental health during this time is especially important.  

Vivi’s Emoji Polls are a fantastic way to help educators gauge where students are mentally and emotionally during this stressful period. With Vivi’s Emoji Polls––much like a virtual mood meter–– students can share their current mental state by using a wide range of emojis. Based on what they share, educators can offer them additional resources and/or personalized support to meet their needs during this time.

Support Student Engagement and Wellbeing

We’ve also seen a number of our teachers take advantage of Vivi’s partnership with Headspace during exam and testing periods. Whether it’s a quick meditation or some guided breathing exercises before and after testing, these small actions can have a significant impact on students’ overall wellbeing during NAPLAN. 

Elevate Your NAPLAN Experience with Vivi 

Ready to enhance your school’s approach to NAPLAN? Discover the difference Vivi can make in managing time, keeping everyone informed, minimizing disruptions, and supporting student well-being. For a closer look at how our tools can transform your testing environment and set your students up for success, schedule a demo today.