Improve social emotional health for all students with Headspace

Vivi’s partnership with Headspace enables easy and effective mindfulness and meditation practices designed for K-12 classrooms via our Wellness feature.


The results speak for themselves


Decrease in anxiety


Increase in focus


Decrease in stress

Source: 2022 Headspace Research by Headspace Inc

Start Your class

Start your class with a one-minute mindfulness practice

The benefits of mindfulness breathing exercises are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on physical and mental health. Don’t waste another day without trying this in your Vivi-enabled class for your students.

Meditation increases focus, reduces stress and improves mental health

Give your students the gift of meditation with fun and engaging exercises that have profound research-based health benefits.

Support Student Engagement and Wellbeing

Keep track of student wellbeing with ease

Directly from the Vivi app, teachers can get a quick insight into each student’s wellbeing using the discrete emoji polls, which can be sent at the beginning of each day or lesson.

Start using the Vivi + Headspace wellness feature in your class today!

Meditation for beginners is a game changer.