Level Up Your School’s Use of Digital Signage

27 October 2023 | By viviedu

Digital signage refers to a digital installation that enables the display of content for communication purposes. Schools typically use digital signage in school entrances, hallways, and other common spaces such as in cafeterias and athletic facilities, to pass on helpful information to students, teachers, staff, and visitors.  

School leaders can drive more value from digital signage by expanding how and where they employ it. Here are three tips to ensure your school is getting the most out of its investment in digital signage.  

Tip #1: Get Strategic about Your Messaging Content

Don’t just think about digital signage as a one-and-done simple sharing of information from administration to the school community. Instead, consider how your messaging can help you build a positive campus culture and encourage student and staff engagement.  

Idea: Trying to encourage student participation in STEAM? Create a slideshow to showcase a variety of student work in this area and share it across campus on multiple public displays.   

Tip #2: Think about Placement and Timing

Digital signage is more than a digital version of the traditional cork board that greets everyone as they enter a school. Take the time to think about where and when it makes the most sense to display your message. While this may seem simple enough, consider where students spend most of the school day, (hint: it’s not the entrance to the building). Consider how you can leverage your school’s existing classroom displays to amplify your campus messaging.  

Idea: Want to foster good work habits at the beginning of the school year? Share a good habit at the start and end of every school day during the first few weeks of the year. Even better – personalize them by having teachers share their strategies for success!  

Tip #3: Reinforce Key Messages

There are many different methods for communicating with students, both direct and indirect, but despite a teacher or school’s best efforts, messages and reminders often go unnoticed or forgotten. Digital signage can serve as a useful tool for reinforcing important messages and reminders throughout the year.  

Idea: Has your school adopted a new cell phone policy for students? Share examples of acceptable and forbidden cell phone use on screens throughout campus on a regular cadence throughout the year. If a spike in problematic behavior occurs, increase the frequency at which your messaging displays.   

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