Improving Connection with a Digital Message Board for Schools

22 October 2021 | By viviedu

The Importance of a Digital Message Board for Schools

With a digital message board for schools, teachers, staff and students can find information easily and quickly as they move across the facilities or inside classrooms. Among other uses, a digital sign will allow school administrators to make general announcements, display schedules for upcoming events, menus and ads. The best systems on the market will let you complete this in a few simple steps.

A digital sign can work as an automated information center, a channel for internal communication purposes, or even a means to improve school alignment with current policies through technology. Up to 80% of administrators in K-12 schools recognize the benefits of technology, and two-thirds prioritize using digital tools to enhance school engagement. Modern digital signs are critical to enabling these engaging informational experiences. 

Moreover, a 2018 study revealed interesting facts about the impact of a digital message board for schools in higher education:

The above is just one example of how helpful a digital message board for schools can be. The benefits to the community receiving the information are remarkable. Continue reading to explore how this platform can help you become more efficient as an IT administrator and help your school over time.

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Advantages of Implementing a Digital Message Board For Schools

Young people, in particular, have no problems taking in information from screens. So, whenever your school wants to leave a lasting impression among students, it should use high-resolution screens to achieve greater effectiveness. As an IT administrator at a school, you can also have several advantages while the institution benefits as well from digital signage. 

Here are some of them: 

More room to communicate

When using most display methods, space and time are typically limited in terms of how much you can communicate. A digital message board for schools, on the other hand, can accommodate large amounts of information due to the considerable quantity of space they offer. As an IT administrator, you can take advantage of this capability while planning what you will communicate and where to release the content.

Increased format flexibility 

In addition to its flexibility in manipulating images and content, you can also customize digital signage to meet any school department’s needs. With the ability to display videos, photos, and texts, a digital message board for schools allows you to attract attention as little else can. The most modern software will let you schedule a combination of slides with visually appealing fonts and attractive images, along with videos and photos that add more dynamic elements. 

More budget efficiencies

You will only need to invest a certain amount of money in establishing a digital message board for schools (especially installing screens and wiring), but maintaining the system yourself is easy and affordable with the leading software available. By using digitized communications, you will be able to save significantly more time and money over the long run compared to paper announcements or call center communications.

Straightforward updates

Modern platforms allow you to update a digital message board for schools easily. It is essential to keep students and staff informed continuously through timely announcements. Therefore, content needs to remain current and relevant at all times. With the best digital board solution, you can easily add, remove, or edit content and notifications in your school’s screen signage system.

Easy emergency notifications

With a digital message board for schools, you can instantly send out an urgent message to students, teachers, and visitors. You can deploy the announcement in a few seconds with a control panel and in just a couple of clicks.

Agnostic infrastructure

For IT departments dealing with media players and displays that are incompatible or unable to work with each other, an agnostic solution is a great asset. You will not have to worry about connectivity, and you can focus on centralizing content control.

Simple content planning and control

School administrators need to make sure all audiences receive the right message, when and where it’s needed. The right platform can help you plan and program information ahead from multiple sources simultaneously. You no longer have to wonder what information to present each day. As a system administrator, you can quickly and efficiently maintain content and broadcast.

Web-based management

Using a cutting-edge digital message board for schools, you can manage, change, and update the signage remotely from anywhere.

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What Can the Best Digital Message Board for Schools Offer?

Typically, when schools first consider electronic signage, they begin with homemade solutions based on a PC and a web browser. They will sometimes use USB drives and regular TV digital signage solutions, but these options are outdated and inconvenient.

It is no longer sufficient to use static signs, as there used to be, in an increasingly connected space, like an academic institution. Modern technologies have enabled them to stay in touch with students, staff, and faculty through on-screen communication technology, which comprises multiple displays to present graphics, text, and video.

Although a digital message board for schools can sometimes work from a flash drive, more complex networks or infrastructures that need to scale require a platform designed adequately for stability and versatility. If this is your case, you need a more highly specialized system to enable your school to manage content from one place. This is why software-supported digital signage is the way to go. Some criteria to make the best decision for your school are:

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