Evaluating wireless display technology in the classroom [eBook]

6 September 2021 | By viviedu

Wireless display technology has the potential to solve IT challenges at your school and present more engaging ways to teach and learn. Before deciding on the right solution for your school, it’s important to test and evaluate the technology in a teaching environment where you can put it through its paces.

The three stages of evaluation

Stage 1: System Set-up

Getting the hardware and software up and running quickly is one of the key evaluation criteria.

Stage 2: Technical Testing                                                 

Being able to test technical features and functionality while comparing them to your school’s current set-up allows you to fully appreciate the benefits of superior technology.

Stage 3: User Testing                                                          

Gathering feedback after a sustained period of use allows you to assess the benefit of the technology and justify the long-term investment.

These are just some of the criteria for evaluating wireless technology in your classroom.

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