Getting started with Vivi Guest Access

13 December 2021 | By viviedu

Stuart Bailey, ICT Support for Catholic Education South Australia, said it best with “our teachers really rely on it now, being able to walk in with their laptop and connect so simply.”

Vivi is designed for simplicity by educators, for educators. Teachers can rely on Vivi because they know it always works and it’s quick to use.

But what about when you have guest presenters in a classroom?

Guest access has been made easy with a temporary guest code generated from the app by a teacher, or from the Vivi Central by an admin. The guest will have the same capabilities and access to the Vivi App features as the presenter, apart from being able to create more guest codes. Guest presenters are granted teacher privileges and are therefore not advised to be used for students.

Codes created in the Vivi App are tied to the room that the teacher is in when the guest code is created and can be initially allocated for between 1-24 hours (although they can be extended in Vivi Central to an arbitrary end date).

Intended usage:

Download the below poster for your classrooms.