Emergency Broadcast. A safer school, with just a few clicks.

7 August 2017 | By viviedu

Whether your school comprises of one building or is spread across multiple campuses, in times of emergency communicating quickly and effectively to every classroom is vital.

Enter in Vivi’s new Emergency Broadcast feature. Now with the click of a button, any teacher can send one of two instant messages – evacuation or lockdown – to every active Vivi screen and device across your school. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s everything you need to know about emergency broadcasting through Vivi.

Safe and Secure

The only Vivi users who can initiate the Emergency Broadcast feature are teachers; students and guest presenters won’t have access.

To launch an emergency communication, a teacher will simply open the Vivi client and select the emergency icon located at the top right of the screen.

Once the Emergency Broadcast button is selected, a teacher will choose which message they wish to communicate – lockdown or evacuation. They will then hit the “confirm” button.

Instant communication

When a teacher is alerted to a critical event – be it in the classroom or on the school grounds – prompt communication on a whole school level of a potential emergency situation is vital.

 The power of Vivi’s Emergency Broadcast feature is that it enables a teacher to instantly communicate a notice of a Lockdown or Evacuation to every screen and device with an active Vivi connection. This important information is conveyed without the teacher having to leave their students unattended.

Not only does Emergency Broadcast allow teachers to communicate across the school, but it can also send an email alert to nominated ‘emergency wardens.’’ Your Vivi administrators can assign these emergency wardens in the admin portal.

Emergency Wardens are provided information on the type of emergency, who initiated it, and where it has occurred, ensuring swift and well-prepared emergency responding.


When an emergency is triggered, every Vivi-enabled screen will stop presenting and carry the splash screen alert for either Lockdown or Evacuation. Vivi enables your school to reinforce its specific emergency protocols, even as they relate to different school locations or campuses, at the time when students and staff most need the reminder.

Default Splash Screen

Customizing this feature is simple and recommended via the Vivi admin portal. Upload a customized Evacuation and Lockdown splash for each of your campus locations with site-specific instructions.

Customized Splash Screen

Emergency broadcast is a feature of the software update 1.6.0 for the Vivi Boxes and the firmware update 2.10.0 for the App. For administrators, more information on setting up and using Emergency Broadcast can be found in the Admin Guide. For teachers, please view our Emergency Broadcast Guide Quick Start Guide.