Why Digital Signage is Important to School Admin, IT Departments, Teachers, and Students

22 November 2022 | By viviedu

In today’s world of advanced tech and constant activity, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate effectively and immediately with others when necessary. Nowhere is this more true than in school environments. But unfortunately, old methods of communication in schools have become outdated and are easily overlooked or disregarded by today’s digital, on-the-go students and visitors. 

To combat this, digital signage is your educational institution’s best method of communication. Not only is it cost-effective and easy to use, but it connects everyone on campus through reliable, dynamic, real-time messages in the form of general announcements, event schedules, greetings, class notes, lunch menus, and much more. 

Displays set up in hallways and common rooms reach a wide majority of your school population, while displays inside classrooms give teachers more options for integrating technology with their lessons. Efficient, highly visible, and always relevant communication is why digital signage is important in your school.

With ongoing teacher shortages and budget challenges, the flexibility of your school technology is vital. IT departments work hard to keep up with the technological demands of education today while choosing tech that integrates with what they already have and is easy for anyone to use effectively. The right digital signage platform allows IT departments to consolidate their efforts, operating all their signage from a central location using the appropriate app. 

An agnostic digital signage platform can work on any connected display, including TVs, projectors, screens, and smart screens. New messages can be created on one display in one specific classroom, or you can display the same message on all connected displays throughout the campus. Messages can be text, graphics, video, or multimedia content, giving you the ability to create meaningful, engaging signs for every purpose

Why is Digital Signage Important and How Does It Work?

Wondering how this all comes together in your educational institution? Broadly speaking, there are at least three main functions of digital signage:

  1. Content Management and Distribution. Upload images, videos, audio, a live website, social media feed, etc. to several displays to create a media playlist.
  2. Device/Display Management. Schedule, target, and show messages to specific classrooms, areas, or to the entire school.
  3. Performance Measurement. Centrally manage feature settings, users, usage and displays – all in real-time.

In short, using digital signage technology gives your school admin, IT department, teachers, and other authorized users the ability to display customized content in targeted areas throughout your campus. You’ll be able to manage everything in real-time from a central location.

The ability to target messages to students and staff at a district-wide, school-wide, or even individual classroom level, immediately, is one significant reason why digital signage is important. Authorized users of the software can instantly change the messages using an app on their own phone, tablet, or other device. 

Digital signage gives your school administrators and teachers the power of the digital age in an effective, easy-to-use format. In a time when moments matter, being able to immediately create digital signage and broadcast it to any connected display – or all of them –  in any area or building of your school can make all the difference.

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Common Ways to Use Digital Signage in Education

There are infinite uses for digital signage in education. Consider these scenarios to begin imagining the possibilities.

The capabilities of digital signage are constantly evolving. It is no longer a passive system that pushes content. Today’s digital signage is a collaborative tool. With complete remote management, real-time content deployment, and total freedom for multimedia format selection, everyone in your learning facility benefits. 

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Get Creative with Your School’s Digital Signage

Installing software and hardware is not quite enough to maximize the use of digital signage. The potential of applying new technological advancements is directly linked to the way it will be used. One way of getting the most out of the benefits of digital signage in education is getting creative with it, making it something students and visitors will increasingly want to look at for relevant, up-to-date information and other interesting information.

Maximize the benefits of digital signage in education with essential and creative uses of your technology:

Why is digital signage important in education? It’s important because it gives you a modern, efficient solution to reaching out in a world that is more and more focused on the individual. 

Unite Your Educational Community with Digital Signage

One of the major problems students face today is the drive to do more. Students feel compelled to achieve more, participate more, and keep up with higher expectations. Even a small set back, such as a missed assignment or being late for an activity, can send someone into a downward spiral. On the other hand, some students are simply so busy that they easily lose track of the details.

Digital signage helps keep students on the right track. It gives them a reliable source of relevant information throughout the day, and helps them stay on top of their busy schedules.

A large display in a hallway or an entranceway can become a place of gathering and community. Instead of walking with eyes focused on their personal devices, students may stop and take in the digital signage message together, discussing its contents with each other. 

It’s a place to share messages that are common to everyone in the community, which helps students and staff remember that they are part of a community and not one person striving alone in a difficult place. Although digital signage is technologically advanced and features fast content changes, it can actually serve the purpose of slowing people down for their own good.

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Planning for Digital Signage

Ultimately, as an IT administrator, finding the right software solution for your displays is key. Ask the following questions before choosing a software solution for your displays and school. 

What IT Administrators Need in a Digital Signage Platform

The technical capabilities of a digital signage solution determine how beneficial it is to your facility. These capabilities and features allow IT departments to manage the schools’ communication effectively and seamlessly. Selecting a platform with features built specifically for a school setting will ensure better control and efficiency for IT administrators as well as independence and flexibility for other users.

 What are some features to look for when comparing digital signage systems?

The Most Effective Digital Signage Software for Education

The static signs of the past just don’t cut it in an increasingly digitally connected space like a school or a college campus. Advances in technology, wireless connectivity, and screens using LEDs or LCDs to display graphics, dynamic text and video, have all helped keep higher education institutions in touch with students and faculty.

When educational institutions first look into using digital signage technology, they sometimes start with DIY solutions that use a regular PC and a regular web browser. Other times, they may try a USB drive and a local digital signage solution. But these solutions are time-consuming, inefficient, and difficult to manage or keep up-to-date.

Although it’s possible to run a digital sign from a USB drive, a network with any sophistication, complexity or scale requires a properly designed platform built for flexibility and control. Schools need a much smarter system that enables them to fully manage their content. This is how digital signage offers significant benefits over traditional signage systems.

Digital Signage is Important. Get Started with the Right Platform Today

Vivi is a digital signage software solution that is wireless, fully-featured, display-agnostic, and enables users to easily upload, manage and update a variety of digital signage experiences in minutes. It offers total freedom for multimedia formats and facilitates streamlined collaboration and remote deployment between IT administrators, teachers and school staff.

Request a demo from Vivi to see for yourself why digital signage is so important and how we can help your educational organization realize its true communication potential.