Streamlining the delivery of content with Scotch College Adelaide

19 November 2021 | By viviedu

Scotch College, an independent South Australian P-12 school with over 1000 students, has been using Vivi since mid-2017 to bring teachers and students closer together.

Year 7 Home Group teacher, Ed McInnes, says that the school uses “Vivi to streamline the delivery of our content. We use it as teachers to stream our screen onto the projector in front of the whole class. This means we don’t need to use cords and can walk around and be mobile, checking in on students as well as having something frozen on the board.” 

Not confined to Vivi’s wireless screen mirroring capabilities, Scotch College take pride in getting students involved in content sharing, as well as leveraging the product for scaling hybrid on-campus events.

“We use the student share feature, so if I have my laptop connected to Vivi and I’m going through something and then I hand it over to a student, they can then share their work on the board as well, so it’s a pretty user-friendly experience. 

“We also use the broadcast feature to stream learning. We’ve had an event in the past, like a mini-conference, where we’ve had the host stream their voice and their screen into five separate learning spaces. 

“We use Vivi as a collaboration tool. It means that students can pass on their learnings to others and they don’t need to get up to plug in their computer to do that – they can do it from wherever they are in the learning space,” McInnes said.

In Mr. McInnes’ 7D class, Lawson is a tech-savvy student who feels empowered by Vivi.

“We use Vivi a fair bit in the classroom,” Lawson said. “It’s much easier than cables and HDMI cables. It’s super low-latency, so videos don’t buffer. Sometimes HDMI cables don’t work and it’s a bit of a hassle because people don’t have adapters.

“Vivi is really easy to use. A couple clicks and you’re connected. We have an upcoming assignment where everyone is going to share their work and Vivi will make it that much easier. 

“We have Vivi boxes nearly all over the school… especially in new buildings. It’s a really easy and versatile way to screen share.”