How Schools Can Apply to COPS SVPP Grant for Safety Software Funding

28 May 2024 | By viviedu


The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), a component of the U.S. Department of Justice, offers funding and resources to K-12 schools to improve safety and security. The COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Grant provides funds to local governments, including school districts. As the first stage of the SVPP Grant deadline approaches on June 11, 2024, districts have the opportunity to enhance their safety measures with funding that covers up to 75% of the costs.

In this post, we explore how you can access these funds and why you might consider including Vivi in your school’s security strategy.

What is the COPS SVPP Grant?

The COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Grant, funded under the 2018 STOP School Violence Act, is designed to improve school safety. It provides essential funds for implementing evidence-based safety measures and cutting-edge technology. Each award covers three years and provides up to 75% funding for the following K-12 school safety measures:

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible applicants include local governments, police departments, school districts, independent school districts, and public boards of education.

How to apply for the COPS SVPP Grant

Applying for the COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Grant is a two-step process that requires careful preparation and adherence to deadlines.

Here is a step-by-step guide based on the most current information:

1. Pre-application preparation:

2. Application submission steps:

3. Evaluation and award process:

4. Post-submission:

5. Award management:

For detailed information on each step and additional resources, visit the COPS Office How To Apply page. Ensure you also check the specific requirements and resources available for the SVPP application process, as these can provide crucial support for submitting a successful application.

Purchasing Vivi with grant funds

Vivi’s emergency notification system is designed to create safer learning environments by delivering visual alerts quickly and reliably to any connected display across your campus. When an emergency strikes, every second counts, and Vivi can deliver critical information to every classroom and common area instantly, regardless of the display technology in use.

Key features of Vivi’s emergency notification system include:

Graphic showing Emergency Alerts feature with Vivi

Learn more about our Visual Emergency Alerts today

Enhance your school’s safety with Vivi and the SVPP Grant

Ready to elevate your school’s security measures? Contact a Vivi specialist today to explore how our technology can be funded through the SVPP Grant to enhance your school’s safety strategies.

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