Teacher Mobility in Action: Stories from the Field

14 June 2024 | By viviedu

What would happen in your classroom if teachers were not tied to the front of the class? When you untether teachers from the front of the class, the class dynamic shifts. Teachers can engage with students on a whole new level – working one-on-one, leading small group activities, redirecting distracted students, and adapting to the needs of the moment.

The right wireless screen sharing technology is critical. It needs to work reliably and with a variety of devices and displays. And it needs to keep teachers in control while encouraging everyone to join in. Below, we share 3 stories of how schools are using Vivi to free teachers from the front of the class and transform their classroom experience.

Embracing mobility in Monroe County

Monroe County School District in rural south-central Kentucky had a clear vision: to untether their teachers from the front of the classroom and put them right where they’re needed – with their students. As Katelin King, the District Digital Learning Coach, put it: “We want our teachers to be where the students are, not just in front of the board.” So, they placed Vivi and mobile teaching carts in every classroom. Now, their teachers can provide personalized support, lead lively group activities, and even join younger students on the floor for engaging lessons. The impact has been remarkable. Teachers are embracing their newfound flexibility, and students are benefiting from more interactive, targeted instruction. Read their story here.

Simplicity meets versatility at Lutterworth College

Lutterworth College in Leicestershire, United Kingdom was grappling with outdated, wired technology that was holding their teachers back. The complicated setups and controls were detracting from the core mission of teaching. “The main challenge we faced was that teachers weren’t necessarily in the right place in the room,” explained Adam Robinson, the school’s IT Technician. Vivi changed everything. With Vivi, teachers were free to move and focus on what matters most – engaging with their students. Explore their journey.

Designing for teacher mobility from day one at St Michael’s College

At St Michael’s College in South Australia, Vivi’s wireless technology has brought a significant shift in classroom dynamics. Ashley Morrison, the ICT Manager, reflects on the change sharing, “Our teachers loved the idea that they no longer needed to physically stand at the front of the room to display content from their screens.” With Vivi seamlessly integrated into both new and existing learning spaces, the overall teaching experience is enhanced. Now teachers can adapt their methods to suit the needs of the moment, making learning more interactive and engaging for students. Read their full story here.

Empowering teachers, engaging students

The experiences of Monroe County, Lutterworth College, and St Michael’s all point to one compelling truth: when you empower teachers to move, student participation soars. Dive deeper into the benefits of untethering teachers in our eBook below. 

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