Why standardised software makes education easier

23 August 2021 | By viviedu

There are some very obvious reasons for standardising your learning software of choice, from the ease of movement to the benefits of everything being on the one system. But aside from the obvious, there are many more far-reaching advantages that have to be taken into account when choosing an educational tool and aiming for standardisation across your institution.

Increased security

Having a mismatched array of products with new and old versions of software makes security a far greater challenge. By standardising everything across the board, you can make certain that all your important information is safe and secure, protected under one system.

Greater compliance

The cost of licensing multiple pieces of software and staying up to date with the latest versions can be very costly and also highly inefficient. In contrast, when there is only one software solution to look after, maintaining compliance becomes a much simpler, straightforward task.

Enhanced productivity

Often, when only a limited number of staff and students have access to the same software, it becomes harder to achieve the desired end goal. However, when workflow is confined to one shared software, productivity increases along with engagement.

More cost-effective

Not only does standardisation decrease the workload for your IT department, it also reduces the amount of money you would normally be required to spend maintaining multiple software programs.

With a flexible subscription model that ensures new hardware, software, warranty, and world-class support are always a priority, Vivi is the perfect option for standardisation.


Vivi is purpose-built for education, with numerous tailor-made features that teachers and students find extremely useful.


Because Vivi is such an easy and intuitive tool, teachers and students quickly get used to it. This in turn encourages consistent behaviour and engagement.

Increased performance

Whether a student is an introvert or extrovert, Vivi is suited to all learning styles and has been shown in many schools to increase academic performance across the board.

Centrally managed system

Vivi ensures operational efficiency with remote system visibility and management, cloud-based storage, user access, and single sign-on (SSO) to multiple software applications. This makes Vivi an ideal product for standardisation in all types of educational institutions.