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Industry Served Education GeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneral
Wireless screensharing
Extended desktop MacOS onlyWindows only
Enhanced video play
Pause screen
Split screen sharing Two users onlyUnlimited users ($+)Windows 10 onlyFour users only
Share to multiple screens For computer only
Touch screen support Windows 10 only
Room access code
Guest passcode option
Student engagement
Request sharing control Windows 10 & Chrome OS only
Capture display screenshot Windows 10 & Chrome OS only
Annotation tools Windows 10 only
Student polls for check-ins
Digital signage
Emergency alert
Live video broadcast
Enterprise mangement
Cloud-based admin portal Self-hosted$+
Location management Third partySelf-hosted Windows server$+
SSO integration
User access control Self-hosted Windows server
Custom splash image Third partySelf-hosted Windows server
Enterprise provisioning $+
Bulk software udpates $+
Bulk device configuration $+
CEC power management $120/year for Plus
Web proxy management Third party
Device logging Third partySelf-hosted Windows server$+
Analytics dashboards Third partyThird party$+
OS support
Windows Third party
Mac OS
Chromebook Third party
Power AC Adaptor or POE AC Adaptor or POEAC Adaptor or POE (+$)AC AdaptorAC AdaptorAC Adaptor or POEAC AdaptorAC Adaptor or POE
Networking Ethernet or Wi-Fi Ethernet or Wi-FiEthernet or Wi-Fi (+$)Ethernet or Wi-FiEthernet or Wi-FiEthernet or Wi-FiEthernet or Wi-Fi (+$)Ethernet or Wi-Fi