Vivi Superusers: What Vivi has helped them achieve

8 November 2021 | By viviedu

The best technologies inspire us to work smarter, achieve our goals, and streamline time-consuming tasks. They don’t create more work, but they do instil behavioural changes that enhance our workflow and make us more efficient. Our superusers rely on Vivi to be even more effective in the classroom. 

Rebecca Power – Emmanuel College  

“Vivi has helped develop my relationships with the students. Rather than being stuck at the front of the class, I can move around. And that’s beneficial to building relationships. Also means I can make sure they’re focused and on top of what they should be doing.” 

Karen Gunasekara – St Augustine’s College, Brookvale  

“Ultimately it allows for greater student engagement, It increases the ability for students to self-assess and peer-assess, and creates an authentic dialogue about the work that’s been completed. Being able to share and talk about what’s on that shared screen.” 

Wendy Irwin – Thomas Hassall Anglican College   

“It influences your admin ability. You can stay on top of things because you spend less time dealing with transition problems. I can spend time staying on top of emails, sharing resources. In my first year, when we had cords, I was literally bound to my desk. If someone needed me, I’d have to pause the video, get up from my desk and help, then go back and press play. Now, I’m in front of the children. I’m in control and there’s no delay. It keeps the children engaged, and that’s what you want. If there’s a lag in their concentration, you’ve lost them.” 

Annabelle Wood – Thomas Hassall Anglican College   

“I think it has made things much smoother. It helps me to be more organised. Obviously, I come to school early, and I have a little time after the day ends, but if there’s been a behaviour issue at recess, I can follow it up and email the other teachers while it’s still fresh in my mind. Being able to display things easily has had a positive impact on the way I teach.” 

Erin Johnson – Thomas Hassall Anglican College   

“It has made the children more engaged, and we do a lot more short brain breaks of singing or dancing because it’s so easy to do. I use it for transitions too – when we’re getting ready to wash our hands, I can throw on a familiar song about washing their hands that reminds them. It’s made those transitions interactive, whereas before, they would have just been waiting to go. It helps with behaviour management.” 

Thomas Schaab – Ambrose Treacy College  

“Just made things that I would have done anyway easier, and encouraged me to do things more. We did have a system before; it just wasn’t as reliable and didn’t have that share function.” 

Michele Higgins – Waverley Christian College   

“It has helped make the students who may not want to speak publicly be more engaged. If they are sharing the work they just created, they are more comfortable doing it. It also creates a bit of fun. When I say who wants to share, they all submit their requests and then we have a bit of a drum roll and then when their name comes up, they present. On a side note, it also helps me remember their names. Their name comes up ‘starting to share’ and they’ve got those few seconds and already know it’s them that are about to share. Some just say ‘can we get it over and done with?’ but they’ve already clicked ‘share control and know they’re going to be called on.” 

Dylan Koning – Mount St Michael’s College   

“During COVID we did live stream assemblies. Vivi allows you to deliver a video to the unit and still use your computer. I’d livestream to the class while doing my marking. This wouldn’t be possible without it.” 

Julie Patchen – Elkhorn Public Schools  

“ Vivi has helped me have students share as many pieces as they could, be able to project from my screen, focus in on what I want students to learn. To be able to zero in and really have them focus in on a small piece of sheet music and mark-up and write, is big. It has allowed me to push students further – rather than thinking they’ve got it, I know they have. I can see exactly where they’re at and what they’re doing. For those that struggle and can’t follow, it’s a really useful tool to check where they’re at.”