Vivi Superusers: Evolving your teaching style

1 November 2021 | By viviedu

The best technologies inspire us to work smarter, achieve our goals, and streamline time-consuming tasks. They don’t create more work, but they do instil behavioural changes that enhance our workflow and make us more efficient. Our superusers rely on Vivi to be even more effective in the classroom. 


Rebecca Power – Emmanuel College  

“Vivi has made my teaching style much more interactive. I can be much more current. While they’re looking at the screen, I can make sure I’m prepared for what’s coming up next. I can walk around the room with my laptop and interact with the kids while I’m showing them what’s on the screen. I can teach from anywhere. I can be with the kids at the back of the room if I want to and make sure they’re engaged and know what needs to be done. It makes it much more flexible and efficient.” 

Karen Gunasekara – St Augustine’s College, Brookvale  

“The biggest thing is maybe providing greater flexibility. I don’t have to be that fixed point at the front of the classroom. I can be walking around and constantly assessing and looking up at the board. It’s about me being a facilitator, not always the teacher. Students are showcasing their work and teaching other students. They are learning from each other. It shifts that focus.  

Wendy Irwin – Thomas Hassall Anglican College   

“My transitions run much more smoothly. I spend less time trying to find things. I’m more in control of how I support my students in their learning by managing behaviour. As soon as a little one gets distracted, you’ve lost them. But if you can keep them because your transition is easier, their learning will keep tracking.” 

Annabelle Wood – Thomas Hassall Anglican College   

“Vivi has made things simpler and hassle free. Smooth and simple. Not worrying about cords. Taking your laptop wherever you need. It makes the day run smoothly. And with casual teachers too, it can be difficult for them to work out what all the cords are. Vivi is smooth, simple and hassle free.” 

Erin Johnson – Thomas Hassall Anglican College   

“I was using CD players for a long time – cassettes before that. It just took time. And I had to lug equipment with me. It’s faster, I can get more done and less goes wrong. Sometimes I couldn’t find the leads and I’d give up – and just sing. I’m not as engaging as a video! I can look at a video before I cue it up and pick up the actions on the fly – I couldn’t do that before.” 

Thomas Schaab – Ambrose Treacy College  

“I use the background music more and get students to share their screens. It’s so much easier that way.” 

Julia Oreo – Radford   

“It’s easy to connect and show visuals, videos, lesson plans – we use OneNote a lot too – it’s flexible and easy. In the past, I had to get cords out and Vivi is much easier and more effective. More interaction, more movement. More quality engagement.” 

Michele Higgins – Waverley Christian College   

“It makes me look like I know what I’m doing. It makes me feel really fancy. Instead of printing things out (I was the Queen) I can present it and it looks great. Makes things more versatile, I can change on the go. I can email out to the students quickly – my plans can change but I can still use it.” 

Dylan Koning – Mount St Michael’s College   

“My teaching style is now really different. At a school with a wired connection, you’ll be lecturing from a desk at the front of a room. It limits what you can do. Vivi makes it more natural, allows you to walk around and engage. I can access my entire laptop – Google, OneNote etc, while walking around the classroom. Versatility is the biggest impact.” 

Julie Patchen – Elkhorn Public Schools  

“I have had a smartboard for 12 years. Since using Vivi I’ve not touched the interactive part of it. Because I can do everything from my computer, students can cast and give a student view. It’s impacted how comfortable and quickly we can share and allowed me to use them as classroom assistants. It means I don’t have to check on each of their screens and turn up their volume. It’s a game changer.”