Using live broadcast to deliver liturgy at Our Lady of Grace School

29 November 2021 | By viviedu

While speaking with Cameron Hext, Year 5 teacher at Our Lady of Grace School in Adelaide, Australia, about how OLOG uses Vivi, two students put their hands up to share their experiences – and write their own scripts before being on camera.

Jack, a Year 5 student, said that “I know that Vivi is one of the most reliable connecting sources in the world from my experience using it.

“My teacher can move around the classroom while showing on the big screen while showing everyone’s work, and this helps my work dramatically. This is why I would prefer it over anything else.”

Jack’s classmate, Georgie, shared how the school used Vivi’s live broadcast feature to overcome COVID restrictions.

“We had a special feast at our school to celebrate Saint Dominic and due to COVID restrictions we weren’t able to gather as a whole school. With Vivi, we were able to present a liturgy from our classroom, where all the other classes were able to listen and participate at the same time.”

Mr. Hext uses Vivi to gain greater access to his students throughout a lesson.

“I use Vivi to share my screen with my students so that they can access the learning that we’re doing. Typically during the day I use Vivi through the morning and into the afternoon to share the learning with the class.

“Quite often, it frees me up and allows me to move around the room, and it allows me to check in with other students and having my computer with me so I’m not tied to the computer at the front of the room.

“It really allows me to access more students throughout a lesson. 

“Vivi also allows my students to share their screen, so if they’re doing an oral presentation, they can confidently stand in the front of the room with whatever work they want to display behind them and they can speak freely having the confidence that their screen will be shared for the rest of the class.”