Share any content from any device to any number of displays with Multi-Display Control

19 July 2021 | By viviedu

Vivi’s revolutionary new app comes with four features that have never been seen before in a classroom:

It is this last feature that is impressing educators around the world as the simplicity of being able to share any type of content from any device to any number of displays is enhancing how they engage with students.

Picture this. 

You have four displays in your classroom and you want to play a YouTube video on one, share a diagram on another, use a digital whiteboard on a third, and allow a student to share their screen on a fourth. You can do all of this with four clicks (one per display), while still being able to pause any of the four screens, have complete control over the student’s screen, and still be able to use your device for whatever you want.

Multi-display controls are only available in the new Vivi app. Download it here.