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Level Up Your Vivi Classroom Experience

The successful integration of new technology tools requires intention and training. We've got you covered, with level-based asynchronous tutorials and resources available when you are, along with other opportunities to grow your Vivi knowledge.

Book Professional Development

Ready to increase the Vivi skills of your school? Book in time with our Professional Services team to run online teacher training at your next staff meeting.

Wireless Screensharing For Classrooms

Meet with Your Vivi Team

Our team is an extension of your team, and they’re available at no extra cost. Request time with Steven Edwards, Manager - Customer Success, who looks after all Sydney Catholic Schools and can help answer any questions.

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Steven Edwards

Manager, Customer Success

Scott Agius

Scott Agius

Business Development Manager

Additional Ways to Get to Know Vivi

Support Hub

Access our getting started guides or raise a ticket with our support team

Explore Vivi Support Hub


Training Videos

We've created helpful video tutorials to help along the way. We encourage you to explore them on your schedule.

Explore training videos on Vimeo

Explore training videos on Youtube