Just-in-time campus communication tools you can rely on

We are leveling up what it means to be your all-in-one campus communication tool with the introduction of Announcements, leading with the release of Text Announcements, for even more ways to enhance communication across campuses.

Just-in-time Text Announcements - exactly where you need them with minimal disruptions.

Share on-screen Text Announcements to any display connected to your Vivi network. From bus release groups and early student pick-ups to field trip reminders – you can now message exactly who you need to, when you need to, right where they are.

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Hassle-free auto-updates. Faster updates. Fewer IT tickets.

From version 3.7 onward, Vivi apps on Windows will be able to self-update helping to ensure that all users have the most up to date app version, even if their devices aren’t centrally managed. All the updates you want, none of the headaches that you don’t.

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The one you have been waiting for! Play Content now integrates with Google Drive.

With this update, Play Content now allows Google Slides in your playlists! You will also find a Mini Player for a better multitasking experience, as well as thumbnail previews for all items in your playlist queue. Our Vivi Web App users now have full access to Play Content as well.

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...and that's just the big stuff.

📽️ Higher quality video playback

Enhance the quality of online video playback. This upgrade ensures consistent high-definition video quality across the Vivi fleet and sets the stage for 4K support.

🖥️ Updated digital signage info bar

Enjoy a slimmed down, dark monochrome info bar for a streamlined appearance and more screen space on every display.

👀 Improved splash screens

New splash screens will display important information if your Vivi box is offline or disconnected as well as instructions about how to quickly get up and running again.

🧑🏾‍💻 Share screen floating toolbar

A minimized, user-friendly interface to maximize screen space while screen sharing while still maintaining quick access to on screen annotation.

🤝 Content integration API

This new API offers a simplified solution for remote video streaming facilitating easy connections to Vivi devices from a variety of content providers.

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