New Vivi app goes live, reimagines teacher efficiency in the classroom

1 September 2021 | By viviedu

We have a new app!

The following four features are only available in the new app:

Student screen share preview

Enjoy peace of mind when allowing a student to share to the main display by previewing their screen on your own device first.

Multi-display controls

Share any content to multiple displays while maintaining 100% control. Have the whole class share their work if you want to.

Nearby rooms

We heard “what room am I in?” was the most common IT support question, so we made it easier by giving you a list of the rooms you’re near.

Auto organisation discovery

When you first log into Vivi, the software will know your organisation to streamline the login experience for your teachers and students.

The Vivi app is the teacher’s remote control in the classroom and is designed to save you as much time as possible, while being as engaging as possible. 

The app is incredibly intuitive and requires no training. Read our customer stories – every teacher knows how to use it from day one, regardless of technical aptitude. 

You can download the app here, or learn more about it in our latest Teachable course.