Vivi for Teachers

Empowering students to share their voice, creativity, and work anytime from anywhere - wirelessly!

“They love sharing their work and showing their classmates how they got to an answer. They ask me to use Vivi every day now - and it is easy to use for me and my students which is key.”

Is Vivi for Teachers FREE?

Yes, Vivi for Teachers is free! All you have to do is...


Sign up for your free account here.


Check your email box for a link to your unique Vivi for Teachers classroom.


Have your students join using a unique code – and you are ready to go!

What is included in the Vivi for Teachers

free account?

With your Vivi for Teachers free account...

You as the teacher

Can pair your phone, iPad, or other device and control your Vivi for Teachers dashboard wirelessly – allowing you to walk around the room while keeping control of sharing permissions.

Have full control over who can and cannot share from your desktop or paired device.

Can start a timer straight from the dashboard, or your paired device with one click.

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4 Fun Student Sharing Activities to Try

with Vivi for Teachers

Ditch passing out physical whiteboards; instead, have students work out problems using Vivi’s virtual whiteboard. When they’re finished, pick a few students to share their work and explain their methodology, all from the comfort of their desks. You’ll minimize cleanup, reduce dead time, and increase participation from even your quietest students by eliminating the time and pressure that goes with students presenting at the front of the class.

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