Innovator of the Month: Phillip Sakellaridis, St Francis Xavier College

3 June 2021 | By viviedu

In a recent customer story titled The most innovative school in Australia? A peek inside the new St Francis Xavier College Flexible Learning Area, “the Beehive”, we learned how the 7-12 Catholic co-educational school in Melbourne, Australia, released a new building with innovative design where each classroom has three Vivi-enabled displays.

After hearing about how they “let our use of Vivi lead our decision making and reverse engineered how we could create the most collaborative learning environment possible”, we followed up with Phillip in a video interview where he explained how St Francis Xavier College uses Vivi alongside VR headsets to make virtual reality visits to sacred places around the world a little more scalable in a classroom, and how they implement hybrid collaboration with classes in Japan in real time.

For the full video, watch here:

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