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Vivi is much more than just a
screen mirroring solution.

It was designed from the ground up as a platform that enables teachers to deliver on the full potential of their technologically enabled classroom.

Want to learn how to use Vivi to enhance your lessons?


Teaching in a Vivi-Enabled Classroom


Vivi enables teachers to move around their classroom with complete freedom.


  • Control the screen and engage with students from any point in the room, keeping the entire class involved in the lesson and focused on learning 

  • With teacher permission, any student can present their ideas to their classmateswhich is a powerful confidence builder

  • Teachers can easily hand over control of the screen, creating a free-flowing, collaborative learning environment.  


What Teachers are Saying

“I might be wanting to get maths ready, but previously I couldn’t have because the children were using the screen for something else. Now with Vivi, I can put a lesson up, go back to my computer and do things without the children being disrupted.”


St Francis de Sales School

“Having students present their work to the screen allows for immediate feedback from teacher to student, but also student to peer feedback. We can all collaborate on what that student’s been working on. It’s a new element to the classroom that we haven’t had before.”


St Peter's Anglican Primary School

“I don’t have to be attached to one point in the room, I can be anywhere, with my laptop, with my tablet or with my phone. I’m no longer a teacher that stands up at the front and delivers content.”


Central Coast Grammar School

Pedagogical Benefits of Vivi Technology


Vivi wasn’t just created to “cut the cord” between devices and screens.


It includes a long list of pedagogical features and benefits geared towards delivery of a truly modern education. 

They contribute to a learning environment where students are encouraged to take a proactive role in their education. And where teachers can use the range of technological tools at their fingertips to achieve more in every lesson.


Learn more about how Vivi is nurturing the 21st Century Classroom.



Teacher Control



Teacher Mobility



Student Participation


Student Collaboration



Classroom Efficiencies



Visible Learning

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