How R U? A new virtual tool to check on student wellbeing

2 April 2020 | By viviedu

Schools and students have had to make significant adjustments to the way they teach and learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual and remote learning are the current norms and while those affected by school closures are adapting to the situation, so is Vivi. We have been actively listening to our customer-base and engaging with teachers across the globe via our online teacher community, The Education Exchange, to find ways we can help.

And this is why we have fast-tracked a new feature to help educators connect with remote students to better understand how they are coping during this time.

Our new virtual Student Feedback Tool – called How R U – enables teachers to check in with students via a link and gather information about their welfare.

To start the poll, teachers and administrators just need to send each of their students this link.

When a student clicks the link, it opens a poll page on the Vivi App where they can select an emoji that best reflects their current state, and then click submit. This can only be activated once a day.

HowRU screenshot

If the student is not logged into the App, they will be presented with the login process and then directed straight to the poll. If a student doesn’t have the Vivi App, they will be directed to install it, here.

The data collected is then available to IT admins and/or e-learning managers on Vivi Central.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 8.51.52 am

Admins can select a date range and time period to analyse the data and see a breakdown of responses.

Vivi central howru 3

Start checking in on your students today with How R U!