How to engage students using Vivi

17 December 2021 | By viviedu

As participants in the attention economy, there’s a constant barrage of things competing for our awareness at all times – even as students and teachers in classrooms. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find tools and technology which improve engagement and help maintain focus on one society’s most fundamental tasks, education.

Vivi is a classroom engagement solution that turns wireless screen mirroring into a powerful educational tool. It’s intuitive, simple to use, highly reliable and works seamlessly with devices and displays of all kinds. It has been purpose-built for education, with powerful features that are tailor-made for the 21st century classroom and the attention economy.

Make classes collaborative and fun

With Vivi, you can gamify learning and engage students in a new and unique way. Vivi allows you to turn classes into collaborative learning opportunities where teachers and students share work while simultaneously providing and receiving instant feedback.

Notes in the cloud

Gone are the days of blackboards and the excitement of the VCR rolling into the classroom. Vivi has taken learning into the digital age with smart features and cloud computing that make learning from anywhere an absolute breeze. With Vivi’s screen capture and annotation tool, note-taking is made simple, with everything automatically saved to the cloud.

Interactive and engaging

Vivi allows users to drive lesson interaction with a digital whiteboard feature that gives teachers the ability to present to multiple displays, while also allowing four students to present their work to the one display simultaneously.

Digital signage and live broadcasting

In schools, mass communication is usually carried out over an PA system. But with Vivi, you can deliver messages using the Digital Signage and Live Broadcast features, tailoring messages to specific cohorts, either campus-wide, or directly into certain classrooms. This becomes a particularly powerful tool in the event of a health and safety emergency.

Analyse and measure engagement

With Vivi’s enterprise-level dashboard feature, analysing and measuring student-teacher usage and engagement is quick and easy. This makes sure teachers can always refer to records and track the individual performance of students, at any time of year.

Happier, more engaged students

Vivi’s student wellbeing surveys allow teachers to gather immediate emotional feedback. If a student is struggling to keep up with work, or their emotions, they can give feedback quickly and discreetly to request support from the teacher. As studies show, a happier student is more likely to be an engaged student.