How Elkhorn Public Schools took a data-driven approach to evaluate wireless display technology

16 July 2021 | By viviedu

Elkhorn Public Schools are on the western edge of Omaha, Nebraska, and is home to one of the fastest-growing districts in the state, as well as the highest performing. With new buildings popping up each year, they reached a point where they had to decide between interactive displays and coupling wireless display technology with 75-inch TV screens.

They decided on the latter because why stand at the front of the class drawing on a $5000 machine when you can do it from any device, anywhere in the room for less than a quarter of the price? 

Once they committed to wireless display technology, the district narrowed their selection to a couple of technology options (Vivi and another option) and evaluated both for 10 weeks before capturing extensive feedback from their teachers.

Led by Director of Technology, Kevin Gross, Elkhorn Public Schools communicated the following to their teachers: 

During the 2019-2020 school year the EPS Technology Team will be working with 10 selected teachers to pilot two different solutions that wirelessly display content from teacher laptops. Following thorough research and initial discovery with six vendors last school year, the technology team selected two solutions to be piloted during the first semester of 2019-20. The table below shows the breakdown of the six different vendors researched/tested last school year. Two wireless display options will be compared with each other and with the existing display solution. 

General Information:

Variables for which we need to control:

Core Evaluation Instruments:

For a full view of Elkhorn’s post-evaluation survey, including a template you can print and use yourself, download the “Evaluating wireless display technology in the classroom” eBook here.

Feedback from teachers about Vivi included:

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