Five tips for using digital signage in schools

4 October 2021 | By viviedu

It wasn’t all that long ago that the term digital signage meant a single line, scrolling LED; the kind of message you had to wait patiently for. Blink, and you missed the most important part.

Communication in schools today is now a very different beast. As schools have moved more and more towards televisions and projectors in classrooms and common areas, so digital signage has evolved. Messages can be targeted and tailored to specific audiences.

In this post, we look at five tips to maximise the impact of those messages.

Displaying student-generated content

Getting students involved in creating content is a great way to increase participation and get the most out of digital signage. And that’s a good thing; today’s students are familiar with technology—better than most teachers if one survey is to be believed—and they’ll produce fresh and exciting content.

Make the school more welcoming

If you’re running a welcome day for prospective students and their parents, digital signage has a role to play. Media-rich content can say so much about your school, from alumni videos to images that support your values. On those days, it really is a public relations dream to have television displays running that content right across the school. Digital signage can also be used to ease a freshman’s first few days in their new school. It can display maps, timetables, and essential information that just might take some of the anxiety away.

Recognise those who’ve won awards or displayed school values

Public recognition is a valuable tool to keep students engaged. There is evidence that it can improve their attitude to study. But using rich media to show what teams and individuals have achieved serves a broader purpose. By displaying content in high-traffic areas—like the canteen and the corridors—you put a smile on the face of the person you want to recognise, and you could just light a similar fire under another student.

Keep important events front of mind

Whether it’s exams, assemblies, or time for other key events in the school calendar, digital signage is a great way to keep everyone informed. Being able to schedule different messages on different screens helps you to manage the logistics of attendance. In exam rooms, you can use the screen to display the title of the paper and the details of those who are scheduled to sit it—which is especially important if the same exam has to take place in multiple rooms because of social distancing.

An opportunity to engage

Social media plays a massive role in the life of today’s students. They live and breathe hashtags and are used to following them across multiple platforms. If the school has a competition or event—or is following a certain news story closely—why not use a particular hashtag and show compilations of the best social media has to offer? Get it right, and you’ll create a buzz among the students, especially those whose posts are displayed.

Digital signage offers so much more than flyers or public address announcements. With the right content on the right screens, you’ll deliver the right message to the right people, whenever you need to.