Finding the Most Engaging Technology for the Classroom

29 October 2021 | By viviedu

The Impact Engaging Technology in the Classroom Has on Learning

Deciding on the most engaging technology in the classroom can be a complex task. This technology consists of a mix of devices and software which teachers use in many ways to conduct a class that fosters quality education, interaction, and creativity in the group. Technologies can include anything from tablets, interactive whiteboards, laptops, projectors, collaborative applications, and screen sharing devices, among others.

However, getting to know a little bit about the ways they work and how they impact learning can help you choose the most appropriate systems. Here are some facts from a recent study by McKinsey that will give you more initial insight.

According to the same study, technology use should not be random. Instead, it should reflect learning objectives. The chosen software should be a part of the curriculum as well, meaning not all technologies apply to all classrooms. Adapting lesson plans to utilize technology better will require support for teachers, and teachers should use technology themselves instead of allowing students to use it on their own.

This review gives you a better idea of why installing engaging technology in the classroom should be thought through carefully so that both teachers and students get the most out of the experience. The following section discusses the general benefits of this technology.

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Advantages of Engaging Technology in the Classroom

While not all classroom instruction should be through technology, engaging technology in the classroom is ideal for many types of curriculum. Education Week recommends teachers establish times for technology, planning for the “technology-integrated portions” of the lessons, particularly as teachers and students become more confident in using the technology. Once they do, these are the benefits they will likely experience:

They help keep positive relationships between students and teachers

For your classrooms, you need technology that promotes a sense of closeness and participation. It is essential that they feel connected and motivated in learning, as well as be able to interact easily. The secret of engaging technology in the classroom is that it allows inclusive, collaborative learning.

They work with students who learn in different ways

Every student learns and retains information differently. Teachers can use technology to differentiate their instruction to accommodate the learning abilities of their class members. Furthermore, students can work at their own pace when utilizing this medium.

They help students become more independent

The prevalence of technology in everyday life has made it its own academic subject. Many careers use the software on a daily basis: From document editors and spreadsheets to internet browsers and email clients, engaging technology in the classroom lets students exercise these skills and get ready for their professional lives ahead.

As you can see, besides positive learning outcomes, your school can enhance its reputation when leveraging the advantages of this technology. Next, you will read about common uses for engaging technology in the classroom, hinting at the best solution for your school.

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How Can Teachers Use Engaging Technology in the Classroom?

There are many creative ways to use technology in the classroom. The point is to get the suitable device and software to produce the desired outcomes. Here are some ideas that are possible with a leading wireless screen sharing and student engagement platform.

Sharing a webpage with the entire class

Sometimes, only a webpage conveys specific information teachers want to show to their students. Why not share it straight from the source with the whole class? The most up-to-date technology solution can allow teachers to share any website from any device to all students’ screens. 

Raising hands

Students can send a digital alert instead of physically raising their hands. This lets teachers know they want to participate, while students can continue working in class until the teacher calls on them. Using a market-leading solution, you and other admins can monitor student engagement in real-time through classroom participation metrics. 

Buffer-free video sharing 

Video sharing will be effortless for your school’s teachers since buffering, and poor performance will not interrupt classes. A platform that integrates with video management systems and allows direct video play within an app is ideal. As a teacher plays video to a shared screen on their own device, everything else doesn’t need to stop because they can keep working privately on their device. 

Wireless presentation sharing

A modern wireless presentation solution allows teachers to move freely around the classroom without any limitations. They can check on the screen from any place in the room while also participating with the students, resulting in more learner involvement. 

Allow for student-controlled presentation

Students can share their screens to present their creative proposals to the entire class and receive immediate feedback from teachers and peers with teacher permission. Through this feature, students can reinforce their learning objectives and increase their confidence. 

The best solutions allow students and teachers to switch control easily (with teachers having ultimate control over who can share what), facilitating a free-flowing efficient learning environment. The practice of sharing screens will encourage respect, negotiation and cooperation skills, which will lead to a collective learning experience. 

The forms in which these uses apply to real-life situations are countless. With such tools, teachers can let their imaginations fly, creating class dynamics only possible when quality content is available to everyone in the room.

What’s the Most Engaging Technology in the Classroom?

In the near future, sophisticated technology will make it possible for curriculum and teaching methods to be fully customized to meet the needs of each student. Learning will have a high level of individualization using body language, facial expressions, and neurofeedback.

In the meantime, you can get your school ready for this transition with technologies to enable wireless classroom screen mirroring. This is the kind of highly engaging technology for the classroom that is easy to administer and control while providing a modern learning environment.

Individuals are more likely to achieve their goals by participating and engaging more actively in a personalized learning environment. This kind of atmosphere requires a fluid, visual dialogue between teachers and students. Forward-thinking schools implement supporting technologies to lead the way.

Vivi’s team is proud to provide educators with resources designed to help them reach students’ potential. We have experience integrating technology into the classroom to create more controlled, collaborative, and creative learning spaces. By leveraging wireless screen mirroring and digital signage, we empower educators to reach students’ full potential and make education more engaging. All, with simple to use, intuitive, and affordable technology that will make your work as an IT administrator easier. Book a demo now.